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Editor’s Note: WINGS OF GLASS is an inspiring tale of overcoming abuse. 

Book Description: Named one of the best books of the year by Library Journal, Wings of Glass is an uplifting, inspiring story of a young mother who finds the strength to stand up to her abusive husband through the help of two amazing women.

Author’s Inspiration: I grew up watching my mother in abusive relationships and thought that would never be me… until it was. Friends and family couldn’t understand my mindset at the time. I wrote this book as a warning to other women and girls, and to those who don’t understand how and why a woman stays when she clearly needs to run.

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Gina Holmes is above all a follower of Christ, a wife and mother. She adores animals and helping others heal from troubled pasts and discover the people God created them to be. She is the founder of popular literary site, Novel Rocket and multi-award winning author.

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