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Editor’s Note: In BOMB, a stubborn woman meets an even more stubborn outlaw and the attraction is instant. 

Book Description:  A woman gets entangled with an outlaw motorcycle crew when she hits the president of their club. A member finds her alluring, and because of that spark they share, he ends up keeping her identity a secret despite the possible consequences.

Author’s Inspiration: My step-dad was in a motorcycle club when I was younger, and my biological dad had a motorcycle since I was a kid. I’ve pretty much always been around them. I learned a little from my step-dad’s club, and it sounded like a fun way to write star-crossed lovers. She isn’t supposed to be attracted to him, and he shouldn’t be keeping her a secret. Something pulls them together and they can’t ignore it.

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I got into writing books because I loved creating little worlds for people to enjoy. I think it’s one of the closet glimpses you can get into someone’s dreams or mind. The fact that two people can read a book and get different experiences out of it is awesome to me! I love hearing from my readers and it’s always a thrill publishing a new piece of work.

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