Chariots of Heaven: Free Sci-Fi for Kindle and Apple

Editor’s Note: CHARIOTS OF HEAVEN is an exciting space opera full of action, adventure, and mystery. 

Book Description: Chief among humans are two sisters who appear to have exceptional abilities that intrigue the gods so much that they decide to bring the sisters back to their home world. Little do they know that this action will set off a chain reaction of events that will ultimately lead to the fall of their galactic empire.

Author’s Inspiration: The loss of a close friend who’d always wanted to be a writer inspired me to become one myself.

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R.T. Edwins is a working author who loves the art of story telling and prides himself on his ability to take readers to places they’ve never been and give them experiences they can hardly believe. Edwins has been writing fiction since an early age and has topped both the Amazon and iTunes charts several times with his works.

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  1. Fantasy, not sci-fi

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