Land (Stranded Book 1): Free for Kindle, Nook, Apple, and Kobo

Editor’s Note: What will this school group do 1500 miles from home when all the lights go out? Find out in LAND! 

Book Description: A group of students are on a class trip 1500 miles from home when North Americas is attacked and the lights go out. When modern civilization as we know it is knocked back to the dark ages, the group needs to decide if they will stay and wait for help or make the journey home alone. Book 1 in a completed 4 book series tells the journey and adventure of a group of courageous teens as they travel through the chaos of a world gone mad.

Author’s Inspiration: In a world where we find ourselves disconnected to others, this story will show how we need to come together and reconnect to survive and thrive.

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Theresa Shaver is a married mother of two who lives in South Central Alberta Canada. Always an avid reader with her own stories rambling around her head, she writes to share stories with the world. It is her hope to entertain with stories of the good and bad in wrecked worlds.

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