The Vampire Relationship Guide Volume 1: Free for Kindle, Nook, and Apple

Editor’s Note: A young, clueless human goes after sexy yet shady vampires in THE VAMPIRE RELATIONSHIP GUIDE!

The snarky wit and humor Evelyn Lafont uses will leave you gasping for more.

Book Description: In a world where vampires roam free, one woman wants to have sex with them. No, really, that’s it. Well, okay, maybe there’s a little bit more. Vampire politics? Check. Power struggles? Check. Love triangle? A-duh! Hot men who suck blood? Naturally.

Author’s Inspiration: I love the paranormal romance genre, but I wanted to explore the funnier side of the human/vampire relationship trope. The goal of the series is to provide a snarky story that pokes fun at the paranormal romance genre while still providing characters, romance and a plot that genre devotees will enjoy.

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Evelyn Lafont writes things with the intention that those who read them will enjoy them. Her devotion to researching the paranormal romance genre led her to marry a much older man in order to really nail down the whole vampire/human relationship thing. She was disappointed to find out that her husband’s fangs are basically useless.

Author’s Inspiration:

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