Abel (It Can’t Be You): Free Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple Romance

Editor’s Note: ABEL is an emotionally charged, sexy, heart-wrenching love story. 

**Intended for mature readers, 18+**

Book Description: A life of neglect, abuse, and survival on the streets finally drops Abel Sims at the door of the Phoenix Club – a prominent, high-end gay strip club. Taken under the wing of club owner, Maxwell Raines, Abel and his 16-year-old sister, Savannah, find a real family in this most unusual place, finally experiencing a sense of security and love they have never known before. By age nineteen, Abel’s innocent face and graceful body makes him a favorite at the club,  But though Abel plays to the desires and wants of the men at the club, he warily guards his heart, having suffered too much abuse to trust anyone beyond the circle of his new family. When an unexpected encounter with a young doctor puts Abel’s heart in danger of falling in love, he resists. But unable to deny his growing feelings for the doctor, Abel begins to open his heart – only to have it torn apart by a revelation that brings his worst nightmare to life and shatters all hope of love.

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C.J. Bishop was born and raised on the Pacific West Coast, and continues to live in scenic rural Coos County. Having started writing seriously just three years ago, she began with suspense/thrillers and erotic romance, but soon discovered her true passion in M/M romance. It is her hope to pass on the message that ‘all love’ should be cherished and respected and accepted. Weaving her belief in God’s unconditional love subtly through her stories, she hopes to aid in the dispensation of the falsity that same-sex-attraction is a sin. “God is love,” she says, “And all love is beautiful.”

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  1. I do not read gay books period

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