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Editor’s Note: Vacationers on a private island try to survive a pandemic in ISLAND DAZE. 

Book Description: The Hideaway is an exclusive, immaculate island paradise. Those invited are part of high-flying Maverick’s elite inner circle, and consider themselves lucky to be there. That is, until rumors come in from the mainland that a mysterious virus known only as Ambrosia is rampaging across the world, killing millions. But there’s a rumor even more frightening: the virus’ origin – and perpetrator – might just be lurking somewhere on their former paradise. 

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I’m a 25 year old sci-fi writer. I pen wild, lightning paced books about time travel, alien mysteries, post-apocalyptic viral outbreaks, and other such absurd scenarios. Thus, there are plenty of bad words, heinous characters, questionable anti-heroes, bursts of violence, plots that defy the laws of physics (and, occasionally, logic, though we do try to keep that to a minimum) and all sorts of other things that will probably irritate those who hate being entertained. 

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