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Editor’s Note: ANIMUS is full of Dragon erotica that couldn’t be hotter if it breathed fire. *Written for adult audiences*

Book Description: For Erika and her archaeological team, discovering the ancient dragon temple hidden in the far reaches of the Sumatran jungle is the find of a lifetime. However, once she begins to study the relics within, Erika learns the residents of the temple are not statues, but in fact dragons frozen in a magical sleep for centuries. One large, red dragon in the shape of a man rests in jade slumber deep within the temple. Should Erika submit to the power compelling her to begin the ritual and awaken him, or should she cling to science for an explanation it may fail at anyway?

Author’s Inspiration: I’m completely nuts about dragons and have always enjoyed a good bit of shifter erotica. I decided it was high time to give the wolves a run for their money.

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 Ophelia Bell

 Ophelia Bell loves to write about strong, independent (alpha) women and the men with the right qualities to match. From fantasy erotica to sci-fi and contemporary, exploring the baser urges of the human psyche is what gets Ophelia going. There’s nothing more beautiful than two people (or more!) lost in the throes of ecstasy. Skin on skin, urgent whispered pleas, the scent of sex and the salty taste of sweat. A good, juicy erotic story can go a long way.

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