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Editor’s Note: Jess loves charismatic Tyler, but can she trust him? Find out in RANDOM! 

Book Description: 19-year-old Jess Donovan has been juggling everything in her life for two years, trying to keep her head above water. When a car crashes through the restaurant where she works, she loses her job and her best friend in the same day–and has no idea how she’ll pay the rent. The only good thing to come out of a very bad day is meeting the charismatic Tyler Smith who is mysterious and gorgeous and has way too many secrets. He seems crazy about Jess, but can she trust anything about him?

Author’s Inspiration: For the series: hanging out in Breckenridge watching all the snowboarders, and a long trip to New Zealand I took in January 2013. I’m a Colorado native, so the ski world is pretty big.

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Lark O’Neal 

I’ve been writing novels for a long time, but when I started reading new adult, I was riveted. Intense, sexy romance with high stakes–yeah, that suits my voice perfectly. It was also very intense time for me–I pretty much blew up my whole life and ran off to find adventure when I was nineteen. I made a lot of mistakes along the way, but also really learned a lot. I love the fact that you can make gigantic mistakes, and probably will, and that might change the direction of your life forever. But also, you get a chance to try things on, see what fits, who you are. If you don’t fall on your face once in awhile, you’re probably playing it too safe

Author Website: www.larkoneal.com

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