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Editor’s Note: DELAYED SURRENDER is an intense, sexy contemporary romance story. **Not for readers below 18**

Book Description: With her best friends help, Mallory Dunlap is slowly coming out of her shell. She’s finally made something of her life, overcame her OCD and PTSD issues, and got herself a decent job as the assistant to the CEO of Sanderson Enterprises. 

To celebrate her small success, she goes out with her best friend Trish for their usual girl’s night out. Just like the old times, but only this time, she is approached by a handsome, and smooth talking playboy. Eric is sexy and hot, and with Trish’s blessing, she finds herself spending the night with the mysterious stranger. Her intent was to never see her again. And when she wakes up with him gone, she’s so sure it was nothing but a one night stand.

Coming to work the next day in cloud 9, Mallory didn’t expect to be asked by her boss to do him a favor – train the next CEO. She is more than willing to help, of course. Only she didn’t expect to be introduced to the same sexy guy she just slept with last night as Arrick Sanderson, Jr., nickname Eric – the boss’s son. If that wasn’t a shock, his arrogant indifference infuriates her. Is he really oblivious that she was the girl he’d spend Sunday night with?

As the days stretch on, and she is assigned to babysit him, it becomes painfully obvious that their mutual chemistry and attraction refuses to be ignored.

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Megan Bright 

Megan lives with her cat Ivan, in upstate New York. She is an avid reader and gardener with a highly active imagination. When she was younger she was one of the major contributing forces in the NY advertising community. Now that she is retired, she spends most of her time writing fictional romance novels.

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