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Editor’s Note: Will A WOLF’S OBSESSION rip them apart?

Book Description: Rosa Mendez knows her true home is in the Alpha Lands, where strong, shapely women are treasured as mates. With two wolves pursuing her, though, Rosa doesn’t know what to do with all of the attention. Jared Clearlight is ready to prove himself as an alpha, and that means settling down with a mate. He doesn’t count on falling in love with a human woman. Can they satisfy each other’s deepest desires, or will a wolf’s obsession rip them apart?

Author’s Inspiration: The idea for the Alpha Lands came to me first. I wanted to build a shapeshifter world in Central Texas, where displaced werewolves were granted land to protect them from widespread killing of Wolf Nation citizens by renegade hunters. Rosa, my protagonist, is a “pure-blood” human who has always felt drawn to the Alpha Lands. When I moved Rosa to the Alpha Lands, the story came alive, and I followed it from there.

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 I love exploring the dramatic worlds of new adult and paranormal romance. I strive to give my readers an intimate look into the lives of my characters as they cope with everything life throws their way. As a reader, I am most satisfied with stories that have this level of insight into why the characters think and act the way they do. Being an author lets me interact with readers, too, who open up my world one person at a time.

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