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Editor’s Note: CAPTIVATED is a New Adult Romance that will make you believe in true love.

Book Description: Adam Bianci, is a romantic Italian on vacation, surfing at Ella’s beach. She feels like she had known him forever, but the gorgeous billionaire has secrets. Drawn to him, Ella vows to do everything to be what he wants, if only he will stay.

Author’s Inspiration: The story was inspired by the idea that if a young woman loved enough, she could overcome impossible odds to make it work. The suspense aspect to the story shows how true love can conquer. I thought it would be exciting to have the heroine overcome self-esteem issues, and find strength she didn’t know she had, in order to help the man she loves.

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Emily Jane Trent

When I write, I make characters come to life. I enter their world, and create stories to allow my readers to share it. The reason I write romance is because I believe in the power of love, and show this in my characters as they move through the love stories. Each character is unique, and that is what makes each story special. I weave in surprises, but conclude with a happy ending for all my romances.

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