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Editor’s Note: ANGELIC ATTRACTION is a gripping tale of love, power struggles, and manipulation.

Book Description: One year on from leaving the comfort and security of her sleepy life in Texas, Angel Nichols finds herself nursing yet another broken heart. After relocating to LA to follow a career as a fashion designer, she fell into a rebound relationship after splitting up with Wade; her childhood sweetheart back in Texas. As her career takes off, her personal life is taking a serious nose dive. Her only solace is trawling the bars and clubs of LA’s vibrant night life. That is, until Brad Singer enters her life like a bolt out of the blue. With looks to die for, money, charm and a red hot bedside manner to match, Angel thinks she finally has it all. But as time goes by, and cracks begin to show, a sinister and darker side to his nature starts to be revealed. Will she continue to be blinded by lust? Or, will she figure out the dangerous game he’s playing?

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Nicole French is born and raised in the UK but frequently visits America and hopes to live there in the future. She’s always loved to write and has a very fertile imagination that comes naturally to her. If she’s not writing, then she can be found creating a beautiful home and enjoying time with her two children and much loved Boxer dog.

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