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Editor’s Note: An infection is turning San Francisco’s start up workers into zombies in ZOMBIE CITY.

Book Description: Shane moved to San Francisco to write, following in the steps of his Beat Generation heroes. Twelve years later he’s pushing thirty, flirting with alcoholism, and not writing at all. His life revolves around his dead-end job as a janitor at a tech start up, cleaning up after work-obsessed hipsters who dress like artists but think like yuppies. On the day Shane realizes he needs to get out of the City or give up on being a writer, a horrific infection breaks out among the start up workers, plunging San Francisco into a nightmare of cannibalism and murder.

Author’s Inspiration: I wanted to put a spin on the zombie apocalypse story by tying it into the gentrification of San Francisco.

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 M.F. Soriano

I like writing stories where believable people are put in unbelievable situations, and where losers win.

Author Website: mfsoriano.blogspot.com


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