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Editor’s Note: Two beautiful young artists fall in love in FEARLESS, but Dalilah must also deal with an obsessed billionaire.

Book Description:  Dalilah Gallagher (the grown daughter of Iris and Ryan of the Illusions Series) is now 20 years old and living in New York City. She was an artistic prodigy who got international attention for her art at the age of 11, but early criticism in her formative years devastated her, leaving her unmotivated and depressed. She attracts the attention of wealthy Blake Nottingham, whose obsession with the young artist leads him to hire Luke Roberts to paint her nude. Dalilah and Luke begin a passionate love affair, but Nottingham’s obsession will not be denied. Dalilah begins a dangerous game which ends with the possibility that she might have to tell her true love, Luke, goodbye forever.

Author’s Inspiration: Dalilah was a little genius baby in the Illusions series. I wanted to explore her future, as she was portrayed as an artistic and mental prodigy.

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Annie lives in sunny Southern California with her beau and three furry babies. She was originally from the Midwest, and was an attorney for 11 years. However, even while she was defending clients and going to court, she knew that the job wasn’t right. As an avid reader, she knew that there were stories in there somewhere, just waiting to come out. Finally, in 2013, she published her first three novels in the Illusions series. I hoe to attract a whole new audience for these series of New Adult Contemporary Romance novels!

Author Website: http://www.anniejocoby.com/

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