Falling For Him 1 (Rachel and Peter in Love): Free Kindle, Nook, Kobo, and Apple eBook

Editor’s Note: FALLING FOR HIM 1 is a romance about true love that overcomes all obstacles.

Book Description: Rachel is left alone in the mountains, until fate steps in with a guy who would rather not be bothered with helping. Peter has had enough of women after a dirty breakup and wants nothing more than his peace. Neither Rachel nor Peter are interested in a relationship, but the sparks fly when they must spend a few days together and soon they’re deeply in love. Back home the next problem lurks around the corner: a crazy ex-girlfriend trying to make their lives miserable. 

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I love to write romance books, where I send my characters on a mission to find true love. As in real life, they have to overcome plenty of struggle and hardship, but in the end, they get their happily ever after. I never had the courage to write until about 2 years ago when I finally took the plunge and did it. My readers are my biggest inspiration and I take real events that happen in my life and spin them around to make a love story.

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