Build Wealth & Spend It All: Live The Life You Earned – Free Kindle Personal Finance eBook

Editor’s Note: Learn more ways you can not only build your wealth, but spend the money you worked so hard to earn! 

Book Description: You can more easily build wealth if you understand more about assets, liabilities, and knowing where you are in the economic cycle. You’ve worked hard and deserve to spend all the money you’ve earned before you die! Although you can’t control when you die, you can control how to make the most of your life by spending all of your hard earned wealth! 

Author’s Inspiration: I sat in the nursing home with my 96 year old mother when I realized that the money she had earned and saved as a grade school teacher over decades of working was rapidly dwindling. I failed my mother by advising her how to save and invest when I should have advised her how to enjoy spending it while she was still able to enjoy it. 

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I was an orthopedic surgeon whose only hobby was building wealth as a serial entrepreneur in various real estate asset classes. I used three self-taught, basic principles to repeatedly build wealth in a way that almost any motivated person can replicate without having a financial background. I’m not really a writer trying to entertain you for a couple of hours. I’m just a messenger with a book that contains the tools you can use to fix your financial life. 

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