Fabulous Fantasy and Sci Fi Freebies for Friday

THE MIRROR OF MADNESS by G.M. Hague: With Satan on her side and her mother’s witchcraft in her hands, Johanna’s revenge is all the more sweet after waiting to taste it for 16 years. 

RAPTURE AT MIDNIGHT by Isobelle Cate: Finn Qualtrough is on a mission to bring the Cynn Cruors’ nemesis to justice, until the woman who ignites his passion becomes the target of his enemy.

DREAM STUDENT by J.J. DiBenedetto: College student Sara Barnes can see into other people’s dreams, and her talent leads her into the hunt for a serial killer. But are her dreams really nightmares? 

Pale Boundaries by Scott Cleveland: Where do you go when you lose your only home? Who do you blame for your wife’s murder… And how do you take revenge?

Get these FREE eBooks on December 19, 2014. 

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