Paranormal, Supernatural, and Post-Apocalyptic Young Adult Freebies

GLORY by M.E. Wynne: In a post-apocalyptic world where winning is taboo, soccer player Ledger Dent seeks glory for himself and his team.

THE STOLEN ADVENTURE COLLECTION by Mark Wullert: In this boxed set series, Luke woke up with the undeniable sense that danger was approaching and trouble was not far behind.

FROM THE WRECKAGE by Michele G Miller: After her small Texas town is devastated by a tornado, Jules Blacklin must find a way to survive and thrive amid the wreckage. 

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MALICE by Amity Hope: Strange is nothing new for Samara Cavanaugh, who lives in a world of magic users. But when a visitor comes and people begin to disappear, things get stranger. 

RAE OF HOPE by WJ May: Rae Kerrigan’s family tree is shrouded in mystery. Things begin to unravel once she’s accepted to a school in England, and soon finds that a simple tattoo on her 16th birthday can change everything.

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