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Let Slip the Princesses of War on Kindle

Let Slip the Princesses of War by David Schenck: The Princess & the Pea has a drinking problem but she’s deadly with a six-gun. Cinderella has flaming sword and a rodent infestation. Rapunzel has cut off her famous hair to make a magic whip and she swears like a sailor (no offense sailors, it’s just an expression). These hard drinking, hard fighting princesses are nothing like you remember.

This book is Free on February 4, 2017


Stranger Worlds on Kindle

Stranger Worlds by A.M. Yates, R.A. Marshall, Mary E. Twomey, Madeline Freeman, Raquel Lyon, Allie Burton, Ripley Patton, Jen McConnel: An exciting new urban fantasy collection including 9 magical, full-length YA novels. Gods and monsters, fae and shifters, witches and werewolves — there’s a book for every fantasy reader! This is an anthology of first-in-series books intended to introduce readers to new authors and storyworlds. Explore them all!

This book is Free on February 4, 2017

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