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Surface and Shadow on Kindle

Surface and Shadow by Sally Whitney: A daring tale of a woman’s struggle against constraints of time, place, and gender as she digs for truth. Desperately longing to rediscover herself and escape rigid gender roles of the 1970s, Lydia Colton risks her marriage and her husband’s career to find out what happened in the suspicious death of a cotton baron in a small southern mill town.

This book is Free on January 20, 2019


Buzz Books 2019 on Kindle

Buzz Books 2019 by Margaret Atwood: Buzz Books gives you 44 chances to find your next great reads, with exclusive looks at the next big thing from favorite authors and hot new discoveries. Each Buzz Books collection is filled with excerpts from titles that will go on to top the bestseller lists and critics’ “best of the year” lists, as well as a curated overview of notable books.

This book is Free on January 20, 2019

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