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Soul Jacker (Soul Jacker Series Book 1) on Kindle

Soul Jacker (Soul Jacker Series Book 1) by Michael John Grist: A pulse-pounding cyberpunk thriller for fans of Altered Carbon, Neuromancer and Snow Crash. 2364. Once a brilliant Soul Jacker, Ritry now peddles memory implants on the neon-lit slums of the Arctic Circle. Then a terrified girl bolts into his jack-site, catapulting him into one last desperate Soul Jack with the lives of all humanity on the line…

This book is Free on June 10, 2019


Everything Dies (Season 1) on Kindle

Everything Dies (Season 1) by T.W. Malpass: Held in a military-run refugee settlement in the mid-western United States, Vincent and Kristin Graham are fighting to reestablish some kind of normal life and protect their young daughter from the undead plague stalking the wastelands beyond the gates. Season one of this terrifyingly bleak and engaging zombie apocalypse tale contains 8 episodes.

This book is Free on June 10, 2019

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