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Death at the Seaside on Kindle

Death at the Seaside by F.R. Jameson: Dare you try this brutal slice of English horror? A tale designed to chill on even the hottest day. Larry fancied himself a lovely weekend at the seaside, but he hadn’t counting on the mocking laughter of the dead… Read this brilliantly scary book now! The first of F.R. Jameson’s ‘Ghostly Shadows’ new series of terrifying novellas.

This book is Free on June 15, 2019


Dread on Kindle

Dread by Jeff Wade: Have you ever gone days with no water? Weeks? Have you ever spent the night with a dead man? A heinous nightmare. Frank bolts up in bed. Except he’s not in bed. His head slams into what feels like ten-million tons of solid rock. He rolls right, then left, only to be foiled by more rock. Like a stone coffin. What is this place? How did he get here?

This book is Free on June 15, 2019

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