Safe Havens and Epic Battles: Free Science Fiction and Fantasy eBooks

Sword and Sorcery Box Set 1 on Kindle

Sword and Sorcery Box Set 1 by Dylan Doose: For fans of mages, monsters, and epic battles! A thrilling fantasy box set! A monk-turned-sorcerer, a disillusioned crusader, and a monster-hunting aristocrat are condemned to hang—but when terrible darkness threatens their kingdom, they must choose: escape with their lives or band together as heroes and fight. “Gritty, fast-paced, and compelling!”

This book is Free on October 16, 2019

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Humanity's Hope (Book 1) on Kindle

Humanity’s Hope (Book 1) by Greg P. Ferrell: Mankind has always worried about the end of its days, and that time has come in the form of a Zombie plague. A group of friends has banded together to create a safe haven they call Camp H, for hope. They are unaware of approaching danger that will take them to their limits to survive. One among them may hold the key to humanity’s salvation.

This book is Free on October 16, 2019


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