Top-Secret Plots and Desperate Bids: Free Literary Fiction eBooks

The Budchild on Kindle

The Budchild by Allie Anders: Beneath the serenity of Ember’s native land lies a terrible secret. When her search for the child cruelly taken from her at birth reveals this to her, she is faced with an agonizing choice: to return to the safety of living a lie, or to risk everything in a desperate bid to expose the state’s chilling secret to the world.

This book is Free on May 23, 2020


Guns and Saffron on Kindle

Guns and Saffron by Alif: *Permafree* The love story of a terrorist. “Hard-hitting and emotionally wired!” Goodreads. Mission M is a top-secret terrorist plot to avenge the killing of bin Laden. Can the power of love stop it? A fascinating novel of conflict, both political & personal. Alif’s latest novel, The Songbirds, a literary tale, has received excellent reviews & is on Amazon.

This book is Free on May 23, 2020

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