Zombie Hordes and Evil Entities: Free Horror eBooks

Dead Quarantine (Zombieclypse Book 1) on Kindle

Dead Quarantine (Zombieclypse Book 1) by A. Rosaria: Dead Quarantine – the gritty and gory fast-paced zombie survival story of Ralph and Sarah; two teenagers who, on a common school day, experience the shock of their lives when the dead rises and start eating their classmates. Will they fight their way to safety or will they succumb to the zombie horde and join the rotting walking dead?

This book is Free on June 25, 2021

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The Unraveling (Interwoven Book 3) on Kindle

The Unraveling (Interwoven Book 3) by T. Atkins: After Jacob gives up his body to an evil entity to save her, Tracy Acker is determined to do everything in her power to bring him back. Now that the spellbook that started all this has disappeared, Tracy must figure out on her own, a spell to counteract the one that Jacob cast.

This book is Free on June 25, 2021


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