Fractured Thinkers and Fresh Starts: Free Literary Fiction eBooks

The Mindful Brain on Kindle

The Mindful Brain by Arnon Levy: A meeting place between professional basic issues of psychology, positive psychology, psychotherapy, mind and brain, and human life, from the 21st-century perspective, together with a futuristic fictional story. This novel has many levels of appreciation: storyline, character fascination, myth and magic, and science – all woven into the realm of psychology in a brilliant way.

This book is Free on June 29, 2021


In Arthur's Nature on Kindle

In Arthur’s Nature by J. T. Frederick: In 1831, philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer pushed his neighbor down the stairs of their Frankfurt residence. Inspired by this true event, the novel reimagines the life of the fractured thinker as a gripping metaphysical pursuit. Can the philosopher escape the fate he has written for himself, or will he forever suffer In Arthur’s Nature?

This book is Free on June 29, 2021

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Whispering Pines (Celia's Gifts Book 1) on Kindle

Whispering Pines (Celia’s Gifts Book 1) by Kimberly Diede: Renee never planned to start over again at her age, but maybe getting fired will be the fresh start she didn’t know she needed. Will she find the courage to build a new way of life that includes the Minnesota lake resort she loved as a child? Treat yourself to this first book in an uplifting series that reminds you of the magic of second chances.

This book is Free on June 29, 2021

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