Delightful Stories and Boat Dealers: Free Literary Fiction eBooks

Bauhinia Star on Kindle

Bauhinia Star by Robert Blain: A man. A heartbreak. A boat. Afloat. Will he sink or swim? What do you do when your wife kicks you out of your home and you’ve got nowhere to live? Well, if you’re Matthew Swain, you live on a boat. It doesn’t matter that you know nothing about the sea or that you were sold the craft by dodgy boat dealer Garry Jones. What could possibly go wrong?

This book is Free on July 15, 2021

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The Lacey London Collection on Kindle

The Lacey London Collection by Lacey London: For the first time ever, you can delve into all three of Lacey’s smash-hit series in one bumper box set! A delightful pick-and-mix collection. Discover Clara Andrews, Anxiety Girl and Mollie McQueen. Which protagonist will be your favourite?

This book is Free on July 15, 2021


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