7 Winter Love Story Must Reads to Warm Your Heart

Winter is the most romantic time of year. There’s nothing quite like curling up by the fire, wrapping up in a blanket, and sipping hot chocolate while reading a good book. It may be cold outside, but our 7 favorite winter love stories will keep you warm and get your heart racing.

Why You Should Read a Winter Love Story

Winter is often seen as a bleak time of year where everything seems cold and lonely. But there’s so much more to it than that! The season doesn’t have to be all dark and dreary. The weather outside may be frightful, but romances set in the winter are delightful! Winter love stories tend to keep things lighthearted and can make you feel like you’re watching your favorite rom-com. With a winter love story by your side, you can enjoy the cold, snowy days while filling the holiday season with love, joy, and warmth!

Winter Love Story - When Snowflakes Fall by Tara Wyatt

1. When Snowflakes Fall (The Graysons Book 1)

by Tara Wyatt

Luke Grayson didn’t plan on asking Santa for love this Christmas. Ever since the mother of his son walked out on him, Luke has focused on providing his son with a stable life as he grows his carpentry business. When Dr. Christie Harmon moves to town, Luke knows what he wants to find under the tree on Christmas morning. But there’s a secret that Christie’s keeping, and it could change how Luke views her.

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Winter Love Story - All of Me by Leeanna Morgan

2. All of Me (The Bridesmaids Club Book 1)

by Leanna Morgan

Tess still has hope for love, even if she has given up on searching for the perfect guy. When she reads an article about a young couple who’s had everything stolen from their home, including four bridesmaids dresses, she knows she has to help. But by helping the bride, Tess risks exposing a past that nobody needs to know about.

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Winter Love Story - Scrooge Me Again by Milly Taiden

3. Scrooge Me Again (Paranormal Dating Agency Book 18)

by Milly Taiden

Zaria Grande is open to anything. So when a matchmaker invites her to a royal birthday party on another planet, she accepts. Quint Treyvaal isn’t looking to lose a mate after one day, but he is put to the test when Zaria overhears him talking badly about humans celebrating Christmas. In an attempt to get Quint to understand the magic of Christmas, will she end up falling for him?

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Winter Love Story - Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan

4. Moonlight Over Manhattan (From Manhattan with Love Book 6)

by Sarah Morgan

Harriet is a shy dog walker in New York City who is working on breaking out of her comfort zone. By challenging herself to do something new and scary every day, she finds herself dog sitting for an attractive doctor named Ethan. But when the two start falling for each other within the confines of Ethan’s apartment, they realize just how much chemistry there is between them.

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Winter Love Story - In a Holidaze by Christina Lauren

5. In a Holidaze

by Christina Lauren

Mae and her family have always spent a week at a cabin in Utah with their close family friends during the holidays. After a sudden car crash happens while her family is heading home, Mae asks the universe to show her what will make her happy. But once Mae wakes up on a plane and discovers it’s the week before Christmas, she needs to figure out how to escape the time loop and reevaluate her feelings toward lifelong friends along the way.

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Winter Love Story - The Winter Duke by Jillian Eaton

6. The Winter Duke (A Duke for All Seasons Book 1)

by Jillian Eaton

When her betrothed refuses to marry her, Cadence flees to her brother-in-law’s remote estate in the English countryside. There, she intends to spend the holidays locked in her room with chocolate. Justin Dearborn, Duke of Colebrook, isn’t interested in romance—not until he shares a passionate kiss with Cadence. Can they find the courage to love each other as the holiday season approaches?

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Winter Love Story - The Twelve Holidates by Emma St. Clair

7. The Twelve Holidates (Love Clichés Sweet RomCom Book 4)

by Emma St. Clair

Taylor’s plan of surprising her boyfriend with twelve holiday-themed dates goes awry when she ends up discovering that he has been cheating on her. When Weston, her best friend, insists on taking her on the dates she planned out, Taylor’s feelings for Weston begin to come back to the surface. He rejected her back when they were kids, but will she get her heart broken by Weston again?

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