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Mageborn (Ancestral Magic Book 1) on Kindle

Mageborn (Ancestral Magic Book 1) by Michael DeAngelo: Adelia Kreegan hasn’t learned magic — she was born with uneasy control over it. Her curious power has attracted the interest of the great sage, Gaston Camlann, who wishes to help her harness her talents and to study her and learn why she has her gifts. Along the way, he teaches her herbalism, alchemy, and a great deal of knowledge about the arcane.

This book is Free on March 2, 2022

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The Influencer (The Influencer Book 1) on Kindle

The Influencer (The Influencer Book 1) by Alex Grass: A mysterious Romanian monk arrives in New York. He brings with him a strange offer for social media influencers: In exchange for hundreds of millions more followers, the influencers must surrender their souls. But, there is an ancient evil that must be fed. And a merciless vigilante who will stop at nothing to prevent the monk’s plan.

This book is Free on March 2, 2022


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