Fall in Love With a Cowboy in These Western Romance Books

Western romance novels are perfect for readers who like a little grit with their love stories. Set in the Wild West and filled with rugged cowboys, these books feature tough men and women coming together to build new lives—and new love—in a dangerous world. Whether you’re looking for historical western romance books or stories set in modern times, this list has something for everyone.

What Are Western Romance Books?

Usually set in the 19th century, western romance books take place in a time when horses were the primary mode of transportation, and life was simple and centered on family and community. Although there is no set definition for western romance books, some common characteristics of the genre include cowboys, ranches, western settlers, and revenge. If books set in modern times are more up your alley, there are plenty of contemporary western romances as well. While they don’t have the historical aspect, the same charming cowboys, ranches, and scenery will capture your attention.

Western romance books can share similar character types and tropes as many other romance subgenres (think friends to lovers, second chances, love triangles, and more!), but it’s the cowboys themselves that make this romance subgenre stand out from the rest. These romance novels feature rugged and mysterious love interests and often involve elements of danger, suspense, and brooding heroes. The combination of adventure with a hint of danger, as well as the raw masculinity combined with chivalrous manners, make Western romance books impossible to resist!

Western Romance Books - Redeeming the Prodigal by Jodi Basye

1. Redeeming the Prodigal

by Jodi Basye

Stuck with the choices of starvation and prostitution, Jo Bradford has run away from her family. After an intense outlaw attack leaves her with a scar, she’s cast out of her only sanctuary. Gideon Cross left Jo when he decided to search for his father, but his intention is to find her. Word gets around that she is missing and Gideon grieves the loss of his love. Years later, he starts a family with another woman. But fate brings Jo and Gideon together again and they must decide if their past is too much for them to conquer.

Starting off the Cross Family Saga is Redeeming the Prodigal. This book is set in the Rocky Mountains and is sure to take you on an emotional ride. Five-star reviews on Amazon describe this inspirational western romance as “a sweet story of redemption” and “beautifully written.” If you’re a fan of clean romances about redemption, don’t wait to add this eBook to your virtual library!

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Western Romance Books - How to Rope a Wild Cowboy by Anya Summers

2. How To Rope A Wild Cowboy

by Anya Summers

Emmett Benson is an unapologetic bachelor who has his life made—he loves his horse, his friends, and prefers wrangling cattle over interacting with other people. After falling off a troublemaking thoroughbred, Emmet sees Dr. Grace O’Neal, the new doctor in town, and immediately knows that she’s too prim to consider submission. But Emmett gives Grace a bargain after an unexpected house call: he’ll be a good patient in return for one kiss. What he doesn’t anticipate is Grace agreeing.

This series starter is the perfect contemporary western romance for fans of steamy rom-coms. One rave review warns readers to “grab a cold drink and lock yourself away—this book is scorching hot!” The book has elements of dominance and submission between characters with great chemistry. After reading How To Rope A Wild Cowboy, you can enjoy the rest of Anya Summers’ seven-book series!

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Western Romance Books - Pioneer Dream by Ramona Flightner

3. Pioneer Dream

by Ramona Flightner

Kevin O’Rourke might not believe in ghosts or love at first sight, but his world is forever changed once he meets Aileen O’Keefe on a steamboat trip. Aileen can’t hide her attraction to him, yet she has a big secret—one that will keep them separated. However, after the steamboat trip, Kevin learns that ghosts do exist and true love is worth making sacrifices for. Will Kevin be able to convince Aileen to put her trust in their love?

Explore a Montana frontier town in this book by Romona Flightner! This first in series book follows one of the O’Rourke siblings as they find their happily ever after. One of the 1,000 five-star reviews on Amazon puts it best: “If you enjoy good stories about life in the early west, filled with a healthy dose of romance, I heartily recommend this book, and I believe you’ll be just as hooked as I am with the series.”

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Western Romance Books - Running From Forever by Cat Cahill

4. Running From Forever

by Cat Cahill

Thomas Drexel is wanted for crimes he didn’t commit and hopes to pass for a handyman at the new Crest Stone Hotel. But things don’t go according to plan when a waitress discovers who he is. Caroline Beauchamp finds safety at the Crest Stone after escaping an arranged marriage back in Boston. Drawn to Thomas, she’s determined to help prove his innocence. Although Thomas’ instinct isn’t to trust women who come from money, there’s more to Caroline than he thought and the two must face their pasts in order to save their future together.

This clean historical romance is the second of six books in the Gilbert Girls series. Set in 1800s Colorado, this fast-paced love story is sure to warm your heart and provide you with hope as Thomas and Caroline navigate their unexpected attraction. Don’t hesitate to read the book that readers are calling “a delightful read with a few surprises!”

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Western Romance Books - Colin's Quest by Shirleen Davies

5. Colin’s Quest

by Shirleen Davies

Searching for adventure and a little bit of danger while heading west on a wagon train, finding love wasn’t on Colin MacLaren’s list of expectations. Colin also didn’t expect for the girl, Sarah, to come from an enemy’s family. Her dad refuses the marriage and the two are forced apart. Five years later, nothing can stop Colin from finding Sarah. But reuniting is just the beginning—together, the two must stand up to Sarah’s father.

Colin’s Quest is the start of the 10-book MacLarens of Boundary Mountain Historical Western Romance series. You’ll be sure to swoon over Colin’s promise to Sarah and this introduction to the big MacLaren family. Set in a wagon train and a California Ranch, readers are “in for an amazing ride through adventures often fueled by honor,” as stated in one of the countless rave reviews on Amazon.

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Western Romance Books - Montana Sanctuary by Josie Jade and Janie Crouch

6. Montana Sanctuary

by Josie Jade & Janie Crouch

Resting Warrior Ranch is owned by Lucas Everett and his former Navy SEAL brothers. Their Montana range provides healing freedom and they help soothe emotional scars. When Evelyn Taylor shows up at their door, they learn that she’s fighting a different type of war. Evelyn’s nightmares show up in Montana and she has the urge to run, but Lucas won’t let that happen; he has protected his country and now he’ll protect her.

This contemporary western is “the embodiment of what a romance novel should be,” according to a five-star review. Not only does this first book in the Resting Warrior Ranch trilogy have a protective nature between the main characters, but there are twists and turns as Evelyn and Lucas gain each other’s trust. Overall, Montana Sanctuary will keep readers enthralled from start to finish.

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Western Romance Books - Fool Hearts by Emmy Sanders

7. Fool Hearts

by Emmy Sanders

Wyatt was crushing on Easton at age 16 and he’s still pining after him at 34. But Wyatt knows that his best friend won’t see him in the same way. He wants someone who will love him back, but he can’t find that if he’s still hung up on Easton. When Wyatt leaves the ranch, a piece of Easton is missing. When Easton finds Wyatt on his knees in the barn, Easton finds himself wanting and wondering. Are the two willing to risk their friendship? 

Fool Hearts has everything you could want in a western romance: a small town setting, unrequited love, pining, and the classic friends-to-lovers trope. This story that covers decades is the first book in the Plum Valley Cowboys series, but it can be enjoyed as a standalone. One reviewer says, “this was definitely a really touching book with really strong characters. Loved it!” And you’ll love it, too, as you read this slow build romance.

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Western Romance Books - Adobe Palace by Joyce Brandon

8. Adobe Palace

by Joyce Brandon

Samantha Forrester moved in with the Kincaid family after her parents died at sea, and Lance Kincaid acted as her protector when they were both young and Samantha first arrived. When Lance marries another woman, Samantha marries his friend in an attempt to forget him. But he was not Lance and Samantha becomes a heartsick single mother when her husband died. As the charming Steve Sheridan enters Samantha’s life, she has a chance to change everything. However, life doesn’t always go as planned…

Take a journey back to the late 1800s in this book set in the Arizona Territory! As one five-star Amazon review says, Adobe Palace is “a great, well-written book with outstanding characters. This book had everything. The characters were believable and endearing.” Sit back, relax, and enjoy a story that is almost as wild as the land it takes place on.

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