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Have a permafree book or a KDP Select promotion coming up? We have over 659,000 registered readers with a voracious appetite for books. Buying a Freebooksy Feature is the surest way to boost downloads.

Your book must be free in order to qualify for a Freebooksy Feature.

Pricing is based on the genre of your book as follows:

Genre List Size Price
Mystery Sub Genres
Thriller 485,000 $100  Purchase ➞
Thriller Series Promotion 485,000 $160  Purchase ➞
Cozy Mystery 403,000 $90  Purchase ➞
Cozy Mystery Series Promotion 403,000 $165  Purchase ➞
Mystery 568,000 $100  Purchase ➞
Mystery Series Promotion 568,000 $170  Purchase ➞
Romance Sub Genres
Romantic Suspense 443,000 $110  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Romantic Suspense Series Promotion 443,000 $245  Purchase ➞
Steamy Contemporary Romance 355,000 $120  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Steamy Contemporary Romance Series Promotion 355,000 $245  Purchase ➞
Sweet Contemporary Romance 357,000 $110  Purchase ➞
Paranormal Romance 306,000 $100  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Paranormal Romance Series Promotion 306,000 $245  Purchase ➞
Historical Romance 337,000 $95  Purchase ➞
Romantic Comedy 108,000 $80  Purchase ➞
Erotic Romance 267,000 $120  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Romance Series Promotion 108,000 – 443,000 $245  Purchase ➞
Fantasy / Sci-Fi / Horror
Fantasy / Paranormal 340,000 $110  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Fantasy / Paranormal Series Promotion 340,000 $170  Purchase ➞
Science Fiction 252,000 $75  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Science Fiction Series Promotion 252,000 $125  Purchase ➞
LitRPG 70,000 $30  Purchase ➞
Horror 195,000 $40  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Horror Series Promotion 195,000 $65  Purchase ➞
Graphic Novel & Manga 10,000 $25  Purchase ➞
Non Fiction
Cookbooks and Nutrition 165,000 $75  Purchase ➞
Self Help and How To 231,000 $65  Purchase ➞
History 107,000 $65  Purchase ➞
General Non Fiction 174,000 $75  Purchase ➞
 ↳ General Non Fiction Series Promotion 174,000 $100  Purchase ➞
Kids and Teens
Children 93,000 $45 Purchase ➞
Young Adult 219,000 $75 Purchase ➞
 ↳ Young Adult Series Promotion 219,000 $100 Purchase ➞
Literature / Religion / Travel
Literary Fiction 281,000 $60  Purchase ➞
Historical Fiction 131,000 $60  Purchase ➞
 ↳ Historical Fiction Series Promotion 131,000 $95  Purchase ➞
Western 107,000 $60  Purchase ➞
Black Literature 65,000 $30  Purchase ➞
LGBTQ 69,000 $30  Purchase ➞
Travel 204,000 $30  Purchase ➞
Religion / Spirituality 196,000 $75  Purchase ➞
Partner Bundles
Mystery Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 966,471 $179  Purchase ➞
Cozy Mystery Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 750,854 $169  Purchase ➞
Thriller Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 852,450 $179  Purchase ➞
Science Fiction Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 586,944 $127  Purchase ➞
Fantasy Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 669,474 $165  Purchase ➞
Romantic Suspense Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 782,123 $179  Purchase ➞
Paranormal Romance Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 621,887 $152  Purchase ➞
Horror Stack – Freebooksy & The Fussy Librarian 510,225 $78  Purchase ➞

Prices effective as of 1/14/21 and subject to change. Actual numbers may vary based on users’ frequency preferences.

Not sure which genre to choose? Take a quick look at our genre guide to help you figure it out. Need help booking a feature? Read How to Promote Your Book with Freebooksy.

Your Freebooksy Feature Includes: 

1. A Roundup Feature on the Homepage of

Your book will be front and center on We’ll link to your book on Kindle, Apple, and Nook.

A short description will entice readers to purchase. If you’d like to call out something specific in the description (for instance if it’s an award-winning book or bestseller), just include that in your form notes.

Your book will be featured in a post with other books in your genre.

2. Your Book in our Daily Email

We’ll send your book to Kindle readers who have expressed an interest in your genre, numbers vary by genre, but see the list sizes in the grid above.

Our email subscribers get excited about every email we send, so you’re sure to see a boost in sales from the minute the email hits our readers’ inboxes.

3. Promotion to our 300k+ Facebook fans

We post the day’s freebies to over 300,000 Facebook users. The only thing our Facebook fans like more than free eBooks is sharing them with their friends – giving your book the best chance at getting virally distributed.

Also Available from Freebooksy:

Readers’ List – A Monthly Themed Listicle Feature

Each month, our readers receive a selection of free eBooks centered around a theme or topic. These titles are featured on a search optimized page, and reach readers across genres, allowing authors to reach audiences beyond our genre specific, daily email features. Explore upcoming themes and secure your place in a future Readers’ List newsletter today!

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Customer Testimonials

With my other promotions I’m already at #12 and with yours I’m sure to hit #1. This will be the third time your promotions have launched one of my books to the top of the free store. Thank you! 

Testimonial Jeff Bennington
Jeff Bennington
The #1 bestselling author of REUNION


Freebooksy is a cut above the other listing sites for your e-Book promotions. Lots of sites simply send a daily list, but Freebooksy gives your book a special push, adding just the right amount of editorial color to make your book stand out. Plus their site and their emails just look better and grab your attention in a cool, fun way. So many generic sites offer these daily listings, but I always think of Freebooksy first. They add something extra, they care, and it shows. And sells.

Testimonial Don Winston
Don Winston
bestselling author of S'WANEE


I’ve used Freebooksy several times and have always found them to be excellent to deal with – professional, responsive and knowledgeable. The ads have also led to a noticeable spike in sales and I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Testimonial Mark Dawson
Mark Dawson
#1 bestselling author of THE BLACK MILE


I just HAVE to share the good news: November Echo hit #1 on the Amazon Kindle charts (espionage thrillers). You helped me do this. Seriously. We were dancing on the ceiling last night. THANK YOU for helping make the dream come true.

Testimonial James Houston Turner
James Houston Turner
#1 bestselling author of November Echo



I ran a promotional for my New Adult Contemporary Romance called Broken. It was free only for one day.  I wasn’t sure what to  expect – I would have been happy with a thousand downloads for the day. Imagine my surprise when I got 1,000 downloads – by noon that day! I ended up with 7200 downloads for the day. Better still, I got 100 paid sales in the 24 hours after the promotional, at the full price of $2.99! My Facebook page blew up, and so did my mailing list.

Testimonial Annie Jocoby
Annie Jocoby
author of Broken




If your book is not going to be free for the entirety of your promotion, please purchase a Bargain Booksy feature. features both editorial (staff picks) and featured (paid) posts. Please give us at least 72 hours notice for your deal. Right now, Freebooksy Features start at only $30. You can also submit for editorial consideration for free.

Please note: a Freebooksy staff member will contact you within two business days to confirm your feature.  If you are placing an order over the weekend, we will contact you on Monday.

Have more questions? Check out our FAQs and Editorial Guidelines or email us. Book not free? Check out our Bargain Booksy feature.