The Accidental Anarchist – Free Kindle Book

A biography that inspires for the strength of the human spirit.

The Accidental Antichrist tells the extraordinary true story of Jacob Marateck, a young Jewish man in Russia during the early 1900s.

By the time he turned 30, Marateck had already fought for the anti-Semitic Russian army in the Russo-Japanese War, escaped from a forced labor camp in Siberia, joined up with anti-Zcar revolutionaries and received three separate death sentences.

Told with surprising humor and rich detail, The Accidental Anarchist is a riveting account of a spirited, resourceful young man who defied all odds to survive in a volatile and dangerous country.

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Bryna Kranzler

Bryna Kranzler studied playwriting at Barnard College and has written several highly praised plays. Eventually she traded the arts community for a career in marketing, mostly due to economic necessity. After 15 years in the communications field she made a triumphant return to writing. 

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Two Free Kids Books for Kindle

These two books are great for your kids! ‘The Mystical Wood’ is great for kids 4-8, and ‘The Boy Who Flew With Eagles’ is perfect for middle grades! They’re both FREE on Kindle! 

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The Widow’s Son: Free Kindle Book

Steinberg has put together a wonderful, moving story.

The Widow’s Son is a beautiful and intimate portrayal of both a family struggling with the loss of a father and a country struggling in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. 

Set in the suburbs of Chicago during the 1960s, the novel follows the Rosenberg siblings as they learn to cope without their dad and a widow crippled by grief. 

The family’s tragedy is set against the brilliant backdrop of 1966 America, a country throbbing with post-war unrest and bursting with revolutionary music, fashion and TV.

Funny, nostalgic, and heart-breaking, The Widow’s Son is a poignant look at the lengths a family -and country- will go to to survive.

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Bruce Steinberg

Bruce Steinberg’s novels have won praise from critics and readers, and even been adapted into a successful stage play (My Occasional Torment). In addition to his writing, Bruce works as an attorney in Illinois, where he lives with his wife.