Kindle or Nook: Why are there more free ebooks for Kindle than for Nook?

At Freebooksy, we want to provide free ebooks for you – no matter what e-reader you have. The unfortunate truth, however, is this: there are a lot more free Kindle books than free Nook books. Here’s why.

Amazon has a program called KDP Select, which allows authors to make their books free for a limited time as a marketing tool to reach more readers. And it works. One caviat of KDP Select? Amazon forbids authors from making their books free anywhere else during those free days. That’s why most of the books we feature are ONLY available on Kindle.

So why do authors choose Amazon in the first place? Amazon holds approximately 67% of the market share of eBooks, while Barnes and Noble holds approximately 25% of the market (source). Authors want to be where the readers are, and most readers are on Amazon. So, authors flock to publish on Kindle.

Amazon’s restrictive terms coupled with Barnes and Noble’s significantly smaller reader base leads to where we are now- far more free Kindle books than free Nook books (and free Kobo books, etc).

We do post free Nook books when we hear about great ones- and that’s about once per week. If you don’t want to sort through all the free Kindle books on our website or Facebook page, sign up for our emails  to recieve ONLY books specifically for your e-reader in your inbox.

City of the Falling Sky: Free Kindle eBook

I found myself turning to Seckry everytime I could not sleep or had a spare moment.

Life in Skyfall City is so full of excitement and possibilities that Seckry Severstars has almost let go of his anger towards the Endrin Corporation, the company that forced him to move there in the first place. Almost.

It all comes rushing back to him when an anonymous email offers Seckry a fantastic reward to steal some worms from Endrin. Eager to take revenge on the greedy company, Seckry agrees.

But when Seckry breaks into Endrin, he discovers something for more sinister than a bunch of worms. 

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This book is free 9/13.

Joseph Evans

As a child in Cardiff, South Wales, Joseph Evans loved drawing and playing video games. After discovering science fiction and fantasy novels, Joseph quickly became an avid reader (and huge Harry Potter fan.)

In addition to writing, Joseph works at a bookstore in Cardiff. He continues to love drawing, playing video games and reading science fiction.

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Work for Hire – Free Kindle Book

The narrator has an excellent voice!

Tekla is a law school superstar. She’s on the fast track to success. Or she was, until she ran out of money and can’t afford her tuition. 

In desperate need of cash, Tekla takes a part-time job tutoring a couple of prep school students. The money is great, but Tekla soon discovers that the job is seriously not what she was expecting. 

The twins she’s helping are spoiled and wild. Their billionaire parents are irresponsible and self-absorbed. The increasingly insane demands of her job start effecting her grades, and Tekla finds herself in a classic catch-22. She needs this job to pay for school, but she’ll never graduate if she keeps it.

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Margo Karasek

Margo Karasek graduated from NYU Law School and worked as an attorney before quitting the legal profession and tutoring for some of the wealthiest kids in New York City. Margo lives in Queens with her husband and kids.

How Do Private Eyes Do That? (Free Kindle Book)

An essential guide for authors writing about private eyes

Private Investigator Colleen Collins has put together a fantastic primer on writing authentic, believable detective characters. Collins’ tips are perfect for authors looking to improve their writing as well as readers who love stories featuring private investigators. 

Collins’ work has garnered praise from readers, writers, and detectives alike.

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This book is free 9/12-9/13.

Colleen Collins

Colleen Collins is the bestselling author of more than 20 award-winning  Harlequin novels romance novels and two non-fiction books about private investigating.

After graduating from UC Santa Barbara, Colleen spent years working in and writing for the film industry and as a private investigator.

Colleen’s next book, The Next Right Thing, will be published by Harlequin in March 2013.

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