Book Giveaway: Hydra’s Nest

Fans! We’re giving away 7 copies of the Young Adult Fantasy & Romance Novel ‘The Adventures of Jewel Cardwell: Hydra’s Nest.’ 5 copies are for Kindle, and 2 are signed paperbacks!

Free-spirited and more than a little rebellious, seventeen-year-old Jewel Cardwell isn’t too thrilled when she gains admission to Grayton Preparatory School, a prestigious, girls-only, top-notch private institution nestled in the South African farmlands of Limpopo. Unfortunately, it’s a move that will change her life forever.

Almost from the moment she arrives, a string of misfortunes and strange occurrences begin trailing her. The comforts of home have been swept away, and she is plunged into a world where she has to fend for herself. But that pales in comparison to what happens on the nights when there’s a full moon. Dark forces swirl during those nights and turn up in the form of hideous monsters and frightening demons.

Though Jewel has always been drawn to the darker side of life, this is more than she bargained for. She’s also caught between two boys: Darwin Morton, a lad she’s known growing up, and Eric Broder, a soccer team leader with a silver spoon in his mouth. Why her love life has to get interesting now is a question she can’t answer!

The key to it all may be in her grandmother’s locket, which Jewel always wears. Will Jewel be able to solve the mystery before evil is unleashed against those she loves?


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Why Men are from Earth: Free Kindle Book

Very funny book that takes the veil off the male psyche!

This romantic comedy-of-errors provides fun, fresh insight into the male psyche and dynamics of modern-day relationships. 

Author Mark LaVerdiere uses personal anecdotes to offer advice on intimacy, communication, honesty and a number of other important issues that can make or break a relationship.  

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This book is free 10/20-10/24.

Mark Laverdiere

Mark LaVerdiere was born in Ontario, where he grew up playing hockey, writing, and flying with his dad in their Cessna plane.

Mark attended flight school and worked as a flight instructor after high school. After flight school he enlisted in the Canadian Forces, serving as a fighter pilot in Europe and North America. 

Mark lives in Ontario with his wife and two kids.

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The Games: Free eBook for Kindle

Grim and intense, The Games explores the dark side of athletic competitions

This fast-paced novel follows six Olympic hopefuls as they claw their ways to the top of their respective sports. Along the way they sacrifice their bodies, friendships and autonomy in order to even have a shot at making it to the games. 

The Games also follows Sam, whose brother is an Olympic rower. Always in his brother’s shadow, Sam goes to extremes to distinguish himself and distract from his own shortcomings.

The Games is a study of the lengths people go to achieve their goals, no matter how extreme. 

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This book is free 10/19-10/23.

Claire Carver-Dias

Olympic medalist Claire Carver-Dias has won more than 26 medals and national titles for synchronized swimming.

Claire wrote “The Games” as part of her doctoral program at the University of Wales. Claire and her family live in Canada.

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Ghost Leopard: Free Kid’s Book for Kindle

The story takes place in the exotic land of India, where magical things happen around every corner!

Zoe Guire just talked to an elephant. Technically speaking, the elephant spoke to her, but either way it was weird, and Zoe doesn’t do weird. Unfortunately, when Zoe goes along on her mom’s business trip to India, things get very weird, very quickly. Soon after she arrives, Zoe finds herself tagging alongside a kid named Zak, lost in a crazy city, with no money and no way home.

And if she’s to believe the scary-looking snake charmer sitting in the corner, she and Zak have been chosen to protect the mythical Ghost Leopard.

Now, the further they get into the mountains, the more crazily impossible things get. Carpets fly and statues talk and if Zoe and Zak want to make it back to their parents, or the sixth grade, or anything even close to normal, they’re going to have to make some new friends, learn some new tricks, and listen to that talking elephant. Because if they don’t, nothing will ever be the same again.

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This book is free 10/19-10/21.

Lars Guignard

In addition to writing for both TV and film, Lars Guignard is a bestselling author of several thriller novels and the Michael Chase series. After going to high school in India, Lars has been an avid traveler and outdoorsman. He lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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