Anon – Free Kindle Book

Breathtaking, original horror!

An unwelcome visitor from her past unravels the picture-perfect life Faith worked so hard to build.

Troubled Rory is thrilled to have a second chance at life, but Faith and her family are desperate for him to leave them alone.  

Looming in the background of the evil swirling around Faith’s family is Anon, a shadowy organization with sinister goals. As their terror grows, can Faith’s family escape the horrors that threaten their future?

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Peter Giglio

Horror writer Peter Giglio is the acclaimed author of four novels, an adapted screenplay and several collections of short stories. 

While his books center on terror and the paranormal, Peter’s everyday life is pretty tame.

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Living Lies – Free Kindle Book

Action-packed with romance, mystery and suspense!

After the promotion she earned ends up going to her smarmy coworker, smart and spunky secret agent Melanie Ward decides its time to pack up and move back home.

As she adjusts to quiet life in her hometown, Melanie’s overly enthusiastic parents and friends eagerly set her up on a string of hilariously terrible blind dates.

Things change when Melanie meets Adam. He’s handsome and intriguing, and Melanie falls hard. But is Melanie ready to settle down? Or will she fall back into the exciting life of a spy?

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Kate Mathis

Kate Mathis spent years in the banking industry before deciding to start writing. Intrigue and spies proved far more entertaining than crunching numbers, and Kate is now the author of the three-part Melanie Ward series and is working on a young adult novel.

Kate lives in Arizona with her husband and daughters. When not writing, Kate loves spending time outdoors and blasting music.

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