Collapse: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Here’s a realistic thriller that we can totally believe could happen. The possibility of total chaos is frightening!

It’s almost as scary as it is truly possible.

Book Description: Empires topple. Nations crumble. In 2027, America will fall.

Readers who like Tom Clancy, Lights Out, 77 Days in September, or The Hunger Games will also like COLLAPSE.

Author’s Inspiration: I live on the Gulf Coast and endure the threat of hurricanes year after year. Working in law enforcement, I don’t have the luxury of evacuating. In 2008, after Hurricane Ike laid waste to my neck of the woods, we spent the first twelve hours completely cut off from the world. No landlines, cell phones, internet, television, even radio stations on the dial. Totally cut off from the world, I remember thinking aliens could have landed on the White House lawn and we’d have been none the wiser. That level of chaos and isolation was chilling. I imagined the whole country suffering that level of social breakdown and it terrified me.”

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Richard Stephenson


I was born and raised in North Texas, attended college in Oklahoma, went back to Texas to get married, and joined the Army. I spent the next four years as a Military Policeman and then continued my law enforcement career in the federal sector where I’ve been for the last twelve years. When my son was four, we learned that he has Asperger’s Syndrome, a form of high-functioning autism. My wife and I have always been staunch advocates of Asperger’s awareness. When I began writing Collapse, I modeled one of the main characters after my son.

WHERE I WRITE: I like to travel to a local coffee shop (not a big-chain shop, one of the locals) with my MacBook Air and spend hours writing. I try hard to work at home, but the internet and my Xbox 360 are tempting distractions.


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Kaleidoscope World : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: We love Dahlia, the strong female lead of this book. She’s got flaws, but great strength to match them.

A refreshingly mind-questioningly page-turningly unique read!

Book Description: Dahlia leaves New York for Barcelona to live in the apartment where her father was murdered. Soon, strange things happen with new, ghostly dimensions…

Readers who like The Hunger Games will like KALEIDOSCOPE WORLD .



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This book is free 2/21 – 2/22.

Tomica Scavina


Tomica Scavina lives in Croatia and writes fiction to cure her self-diagnosed condition of being “overly normal.”


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Book Giveaway: The Hangman’s Replacement

Fans! We’re giving away copies of the book THE HANGMAN’S REPLACEMENT: 10 ebooks (for Kindle or Kobo) and 5 autographed hard copies!

If you had to interview the candidates for a country’s new hangman, what questions would you ask them?

If your family was on the verge of starvation, and becoming a hangman was the only job available, would you apply? If you were hired, what would you do if the prisoners looked like your loved ones? But what if you knew that a good man was pursuing the job out of desperation, would you do anything to prevent him from getting it? And if that man’s recruitment would somehow guarantee your own survival, would you encourage his candidacy?

All these questions were asked of people who never thought they would find themselves in such a position, until they became mired in the chaos surrounding the hangman’s replacement.


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Baby (Species Intervention #6609) : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: There’s so much space out there that there’s just gotta be alien life. This author gives us her idea of what life with aliens could be like…

A fast paced read with a really imaginative storyline!

Book Description: This series is a tear jerker about an alien creature’s love and all of the lives that he touches. It reaches across 200 years to include love between species, political downfall and great, terrible violence.

Readers who like E.T. or Stephen King’s The Dome will like BABY.

Author’s Inspiration: “I am a wildlife conservationist that can no longer bare the pain from the knowledge of what we do to torture and slaughter this planet’s wildlife. I firmly believe Homo sapien, as a species, does not deserve this planet. The Species Interventon #6609 series, is my way of getting even with the evil scum of this planet.”


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J.K. Accinni


J. K. Accini lives with her five dogs, eight rabbits, and one husband in Randolph, New Jersy. She has a passion for wildlife conservation and writing.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: My husband’s chocolate chip/coconut italian ricotta cheese cake

WHERE I WRITE: Victorian sofa in my husband’s office

WHAT I LISTEN TO: Score from Phantom of the Opera, Il Divo

MY FAVORITE SHOWS: Survivor, Game of Thrones.


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Broken Birdie Chirpin : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Here’s chance for you to live out your rock n’ roll dreams! Head to London for this YA music adventure.

Between dialect, characters, and an exciting plot, this book painted a vivid picture in my mind.

Book Description: BROKEN BIRDIE CHIRPIN is a fast-paced rock n’ roll coming of age rollercoaster ride. A poorly adjusted, but gifted, teen journies through the London Music scene searching for his dreams.

Readers who like Almost Famous, Eddie & The Cruisers, and Rules of Civility will like BROKEN BIRDIE CHIRPIN.

Author’s Inspiration: “My love of rock n’ roll and my desire to mesh that love with a coming of age tale about some up-and-comers in the London music scene.”

The main character would be played by: Some unknown actor waiting to be discovered.


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Adam G Tarsitano


Adam was born in 1977. He currently lives in North Carolina with his wife and two children.

MY FAVORITE HOBBIES: I love writing (when inspired to do so), listening to The Kinks and other great rock n’ roll bands, playing basketball, and spending time with my family.


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Falling For Nick : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Here’s a perfect rainy-day read that just might have a huge twist.

A riveting read with anger, angst, violence, and a lot of love.

Book Description: An ex-con will do anything to win his family back. Nick Lombard comes home to attend his mother’s funeral and runs into Clea, the only woman he’s ever loved. When he learns that Clea is engaged to the man who wrongly sent Nick to prison, Nick knows he must stay and fight for his family.

Readers who like Kathleen Eagle, Leanne Banks, and Teresa Hill will like FALLING FOR NICK.

Author’s Inspiration: “I think the setting came to me first. My family kept a cabin in the Hood Canal area near Lake Cushman. The setting was so beautiful. I’ve always loved reunion stories, and even better, the good girl vs. bad boy story. Nick and Clea fit right into my setting. While the story is a romance, I wanted to give the book an edge. Turning Nick into an ex-con seemed the perfect solution and way to make him a really, really bad boy — tall, dark and so dangerous and forbidden to Clea. Nick and Clea have so many strikes against them, but of course the story has a happy ending.”

The main character would be played by: This is a hard question, but if I had to choose, maybe someone like Amber Heard for Clea. And of course I’d want Jimmy Thomas to play Nick. He’s on the cover. I can’t think of a better choice.

Excerpt:  “”Hey, Nick,” Betty said.
Clea swiveled around, her mouth full of bread. Nick stood behind her, his check in his hand. She glanced down at his denim-clad legs. He’d been in the booth.
“I’ll take that.” Betty held her hand out for his check.
Clea tried to chew, to swallow, but the sandwich lodged in her throat.
“Hello, Clea,” Nick said, his tone dry. “Who’s violating the No Contact Order, you or me?”
Clea swallowed. She didn’t know what to say to him.
“Here’s your change, Nick.” Betty dropped the coins into Nick’s palm. “Have a good afternoon.” To Clea she said, “I’ll just go and get your drinks.”
The waitress disappeared back into the kitchen, leaving them alone.
“See you around, Clea.” Nick walked away. Just before he opened the door, he said, “No, I guess I won’t be seeing you around, otherwise I might find myself back in jail.”

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Joleen James


Joleen James is a true romantic who’s been married to her high school sweetheart for thirty-three years. She always wanted to be an author, from her first romance novel written over 20 years ago. Since then, she’s written dozens of books, both historical and contemporary romance.

MY FAVORITE PLACE TO WRITE: In my office. It’s such a treat. When the kids were small I’d get up early and write in the family room before they woke up. Now I have the luxury of shutting myself up in my office. It’s quiet. Really puts me in the zone and into the story. Our basset hound, Leroy, comes in with me. I think he enjoys our writing time as much as I do! It gives him an excuse to be even lazier!

MY FAVORITE MUSIC & TV SHOWS: I don’t listen to music or the television when I write. That said, anyone who knows me will tell you I’m a Bon Jovi girl (my favorite band) and I’m addicted to Vampire Diaries. What more can I say?


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Save My Soul : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Here’s a great book for Twilight or Buffy fans. Paranormal romance seems totally possible in this novel.

Great dialouge and characters with depth make for a perfect paranormal romance.

Book Description: Here’s a paranormal romance/fantasy about an heiress who buys a house she’s loved since childhood, only to find it haunted (or so she thinks). In reality, the dark presence in the house is an ancient incubus trapped by a 50-yr-old curse. And he wants her.

Readers who like J.R. Ward, Larissa Ione, and H.P. Mallory will like SAVE MY SOUL.

Author’s Inspiration: “It’s the weirdest story. I was actually driving through the historic district of my town one year trying to decide what I wanted to write for national novel writing month (back when I participated. It can be a fun way to get a rough draft completed in a month). I was driving past this house I’ve loved since I was a kid that I used to always say I would buy when I was rich. And literally about 75% of the plot just dropped in my head. It makes me wonder if there IS something in that house, lol. But if there is, nobody’s saying anything since, unlike my book, the house is never for sale.

I should point out that I never have bizarre/awesome flashes of inspiration like that. It was a pretty eerie experience, but resulted in a fun book.”

The main character would be played by: I could see Eliza Dushku as the heroine but I can see her in everything. I think she’s great and very underrated as an actress.


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Zoe Winters


Zoe Winters is an author of quirky, sarcastic, and occasionally dark paranormal romance and fantasy. She thinks every character is the hero of his own story.

MY FAVORITE COLORS: Rainbow and clear.

MY FAVORITE FOOD: Egg rolls and orange juice.

WHERE I WRITE: My office. In fact, I only work there so I can separate personal from work.

MY FAVORITE SHOW: Right now it’s Doctor Who and Downton Abbey… I know… what a combo. At least they are both British and have something in common. I watch Vampire Diaries but in the way I watch a traffic accident. I grow tired of Elena. The actress is wonderful, but the character? Blech. I’m rooting for Stefan and Rebekah.


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