A Higher Court : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: In this book, Betcher puts the reader in a position to deal with a crisis of faith. Maybe it can help you get through some hard thinking.

A creative and honest approach that looks at both sides of the question.

Book Description: Reader becomes juror in a trial to determine whether God exists. Discover an ultimate truth and answer the question of “god” or “no god.”

Readers who like C.S. Lewis or THE SHACK will like A HIGHER COURT.

Author’s Inspiration: “I wanted to help readers work through their own beliefs about God. Placing the reader in the role of juror allows him/her to consider facts and arguments that will help define and strengthen those beliefs.”

The main character would be played by: Harrison Ford or Denzel Washington.

Excerpt:  “At this time,” the Judge continued, “we will hear opening arguments of Counsel. The Jury is directed that statements by Counsel are not evidence. They are arguments, designed to persuade the Jury to view evidence in a particular light, or with a particular bias. Consider the arguments carefully, as they may assist you in your deliberations. But always remember, Counsel’s statements are arguments, not evidence.

“Counsel for the Repudiation of God will speak first. Then Counsel for the Existence of God will offer her presentation.

“Are you ready, Counsel?”

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John Betcher


John Betcher has practiced law in Minnesota for 25 years. He’s published an award-winning series of thrillers and this award-winning spiritual phenomenom.



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Regent – Free eBook for Kindle and Apple

Editor’s Note:  Dangerous adventure, magic, dragons, and epic battles. What’s not to love about this free fantasy book?

You’re in the middle of the action from the very beginning!

Book Description: Regent begins the Balance of Power trilogy. Despite all her efforts, the people of the Godfist are not ready for the dangers they face. Catrin Volker will need all of her strength as she joins a battle that will leave a species extinct.

Readers who like Terry Brooks, David Eddings, C.S. Lewis, or J.K. Rowling will like REGENT.

Author’s Inspiration: “Fantasy books were always my escape, and always while I read, I knew I would someday write the story building in my mind. My years as a horse trainer heavily influence my work.”


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Brian Rathbone


The life of Brian Rathbone has been anything but predictable. After a sudden departure from high school, Brian got his GED and went to work. Over twenty years, he found his passion for technology and worked his way up to Vice President of Research and Development at an Internet company. The appeal of the technology world waned, and Rathbone leaped on the chance to write the Godsland series when opportunity struck.

MY FAVORITE HOBBY: I’m completely addicted to the Internet, and I spend a great deal of my time trying to get folks in rural areas better Internet access.




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The Diet Dropout’s Guide to Natural Weight Loss : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Maybe your New Years weight loss resolution isn’t going so well, now that we’ve hit mid-February. This book might help you get back on track with some new tactics!

It’s packed full of information, but is still a light and easy read with practical advice.

Book Description: This book isn’t about the latest celebrity diet, wonder food, or miracle supplement. It’s about creating a personalized weight loss plan—your own easiest path to naturally thin. While you can lose weight with almost any diet, keeping the weight off is much more difficult, and this book will help you find the way.

Readers who like Eat to Live, Good Calories Bad Calories, or Wheat Belly will like THE DIET DROPOUT’S GUIDE TO NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS.

Author’s Inspiration: “My Children’s Health.”

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Stan Spencer, PhD


Stan Spencer, PhD, lives in California and writes about natural weight loss techniques. He is a biological consultant and former research scientist.



WHERE I WRITE: In my head, while hiking.




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Line of Control : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: With the current geopolitical climate, this book hits way close to reality. This technothriller is barely even fiction. 

With non-stop action and a realistic plot line, this was my favorite book of the year.

Book Description: Global conflict has brought India to the edge of nuclear apocalypse. Fast-paced and full of exciting action, it’s like it was pulled right out of today’s headlines.

Readers who like Tom Clancy will like LINE OF CONTROL.


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Mainak Dhar


Mainak Dhar was a bestselling author in India and has begun reaching out to international readers through Amazon. He has become a leading indie author.



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