Two Free Kids Books for Kindle

These two books are great for your kids! ‘The Mystical Wood’ is great for kids 4-8, and ‘The Boy Who Flew With Eagles’ is perfect for middle grades! They’re both FREE on Kindle! 

Both books are free 8/28-8/29.

Three Free Romantic Books for Kindle

These three Romance books will sweep you off your feet!

‘Ring of Fire’ is free on 8/28. ‘A Little Ray of Sunshine’ and ‘Models and Lovers’ are free 8/28-8/29.

Three Free Mysteries for Kindle

These mystery books will keep you guessing! All three are FREE on Kindle!

‘Old Injun Joe’ is free 8/28-8/31. ‘Three’s A Crowd’ is free 8/28-8/29. ‘One, Two… He’s Coming For You’ is free 8/28-8/30.

The Widow’s Son: Free Kindle Book

Steinberg has put together a wonderful, moving story.

The Widow’s Son is a beautiful and intimate portrayal of both a family struggling with the loss of a father and a country struggling in the aftermath of the Vietnam War. 

Set in the suburbs of Chicago during the 1960s, the novel follows the Rosenberg siblings as they learn to cope without their dad and a widow crippled by grief. 

The family’s tragedy is set against the brilliant backdrop of 1966 America, a country throbbing with post-war unrest and bursting with revolutionary music, fashion and TV.

Funny, nostalgic, and heart-breaking, The Widow’s Son is a poignant look at the lengths a family -and country- will go to to survive.

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This book is free 8/27 – 8/30.

Bruce Steinberg

Bruce Steinberg’s novels have won praise from critics and readers, and even been adapted into a successful stage play (My Occasional Torment). In addition to his writing, Bruce works as an attorney in Illinois, where he lives with his wife.

Two Humor Books , Free for Kindle

Get ready to laugh! Here’s a good joke book and a humorous fantasy book! They’re both free on Kindle!

Both books are free on 8/27.



Second Chance: Free Kindle Book

Heartwarming, emotional and beautiful.

Shannon Harris is a widow at 39. But her husband’s death comes as relief for Shannon, who had endured his legal antics and abuse for nearly 20 years. 

In order to escape the shadow of her husband’s legacy, Shannon moves to a new state. Emotionally vulnerable and haunted by memories of her marriage, Shannon doesn’t think she can ever love again. But then she meets Tanner…

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This book is free 8/26.

Rachel Hanna

Rachel Hanna is a romance writer who lives outside of Atlanta, GA. She has loved to write stories since she was a small child. Reviewers and readers have commented on the reality of her stories and how she is able to weave such emotion into them. In her spare time, she loves to read fiction, play with her three kids and throw balls for her two crazy dogs!

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Malaika – Free Kindle Book

It is a very beautiful, simple, and touching story.

A middle-aged man with the crushing weight of his American past seeks peace and a simpler life in rural Kenya. Armed with only his smokes and coffee he discovers a friendship with the most unlikely of friends–a lioness he rightfully names Malaika (“Angel” in Swahili). But she is no ordinary lioness nor is he an ordinary man.

Between them they share a gift. But not all embrace their bond and some seek to sever it. Discover this new world rich in human truth and sensibility.

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This book is free 8/26.

Van Heerling

I don’t just make stuff up.

I imagine new worlds and the people within them. And then quietly and with a curious eye, I spy on them to see what they will do next.