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A must-read suspense!

Dark Before Dawn

Dawn Christian has always felt like an outcast. A teenage psychic, she’s always been the odd one out. But that changes when she’s approached by fortuneteller who is a mentor to two other psychic girls. Dawn finally feels like she belongs – until freak accidents in town raise suspicion about her new friends. 

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Laundry Day

Greg didn’t mean to find his neighbor’s lingerie. Fascinated, Greg stares at the impressive collection, totally unaware that it’s about to become a murder weapon. 

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Stacy Juba

Stacy is an award-winning author of books and stories for both adults and children. She also works as a freelance writer and blogger. 

Stacy is trained in Reiki therapy and loves practicing Tai Chi.  

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Temptation Town by Mike Dennis – Free Kindle Book

Gritty and clever.

When a stranger offers Jack Barnett $5,000 to help locate his missing daughter, Jack can’t turn him down. A former private investigator, Jack was supposed to give up the business after his license was revoked. But he needs the money, so he takes the case.

Jack soon finds himself in the criminal underworld of Las Vegas, and the stakes have never been higher. 

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This book is no longer free.

Mike Dennis

Mike is a former professional musician and poker player. Mike has published several short story collections and noir novels. In 2010 he left Las Vegas behind and moved to Florida, where he lives year-round with his wife.

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The Two Crosses (Free Kindle Book)


Crisp writing and striking characters

Jay Cross and David Kreutzer never expected to wake up one day with the supernatural ability to heal the sick and the frail, to cure disease, and even bring nations together with a single touch of their hands, and they are forced to endure, or embrace, the weight of their new reality.

While David uses his ability to go after the national spotlight, Jay has to quietly and privately deal with a heart-wrenching loss brought on by a man that he had previously healed, causing him to question using his abilities for the power of good.

Conner Joseph, an ultra-religious, recluse extremist…a giant, beast of a man, is lurking in the shadows for his opportunity to rid the world of both men, whom he believes are pure evil, where the world only sees kindness and compassion.

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This book is free on 4/17 & 4/18
Ernie Lindsey 


Ernie Lindsey grew up in the Appalachian Mountains of southwest Virginia, herding cattle and chopping firewood, and has spent his life telling stories to anyone that will listen. He has worked as a professional writer in some form or another for the past decade and now lives in Bend, OR with his wife Sarah and their six-toed Hemingway cat, Luna.


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The Fulcrum Files

An excellent page turner!

Ben Clayton thought his fighting days were behind him. He had been a rising star in Britain’s boxing world, but when one of his powerful punches did more far damage then he’d expected, he left the sport behind. 

But now it’s 1936, and Hitler’s armies are quickly eliminating the shaky peace left behind by the Great War. 

As Europe descends into a storm of betrayal and chaos, Ben Clayton is called back to a life of violence. He’s fighting for his life and loved ones, but his actions could save the world from another grisly war.

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This book is free on 4/16 – 4/19.

Mark Chisnell

Mark Chisnell is an award-winning author whose books have topped the best-sellers list. 

The books include the chart-topping thrillers, The Defector, The Wrecking Crew and The Fulcrum Files – as well as award-winning works of non-fiction. 

He’s a former professional sportsman, and now works as a broadcaster and journalist, writing for some of the world’s leading magazines and newspapers, including Esquire and the Guardian.

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Sink or Swim (Free Kindle Book)

Reality TV with a twist!

Personal trainer Cassidy Novak has gone from reality TV to a nightmare reality. After losing on the popular reality show Sink or Swim, Cassidy is relieved to be home – until she realizes the games haven’t ended. 

A sadistic stalker has devised a new game for Cassidy. She doesn’t want to play along, but losing the game could mean losing her life. 

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This book is free on 4/14.

Stacy Juba

Stacy is an award-winning author of books and stories for both children and adults. She also works as a freelance writer and blogger.

Stacy is trained in Reiki and practices Tai Chi and meditation regularly.  

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Jade O’Reilly and the Ice Queen (Free Kindle Book)

An awesome, fun story!

Private investigator Jade O’Reilly is on the hunt. She’s tracking down a priceless family heirloom – and the thief who stole it. But the thief isn’t Jade’s only problem. Her chaotic personal life could prove as difficult to solve as the case itself. 

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This book is free on 4/11.

Tamara Ward

Tamara Ward’s work has taken her across North Carolina. Her work has been published in multiple state magazines and newspapers.

Tamara is working as a freelance journalist and is working on the next installment in her Jonie Waters series.

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Hot Ticket (Free Kindle Book)

A fast and funny mid-grade mystery! 

For students at John Jay Jr. High, one little piece of paper can make all the difference. Everyone wants a hot ticket – a middle school merit badge awarded anonymously to the cool, funny and popular kids by an anonymous dispenser. 

Everyone in the sixth grade has gotten a ticket, even dorky Crammit Gibson. Everyone except Juliet Robinson. Juliet’s determined to find out who’s behind the tickets and join the ranks of the popular crowd. And with the help of a few friends, she might just succeed.


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This book is free on 4/10.

Tracy Marchini

Freelance writer Tracy Marchini is the author of three young adult series. She also works as an editorial consultant and created several reference books for writers.

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The Wary Widow – Free Kindle Book, Free Nook Book

Great romance story. 

Young widow Chloe Hawthorne is comfortable with her family in Essex. But when she is asked to accompany her recently engaged cousin Lady Elizabeth to London, Chloe has no choice but to go. 

When Chloe is introduced to Elizabeth’s fiancee, Lord Andrew Wetherby, everything changes. Andrew is captivated by the beautiful chaperone. Chloe is torn – she has finally found love again. But can she truly be happy at the expense of her own family?

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Jerrica Knight-Catania

Jerrica is a former actress who know makes her living as a romance author. She lives with her husband and beautiful daughter. They recently traded life outside New York City for sunny Florida, and they are loving every minute.

When the Walls Fell (Free Kindle Book)

An exciting and romantic mystery 

Professor Simon Cross and his assistant Elizabeth West have returned from their accidental journey into the past and are adjusting to their new life together as a couple. But an unwanted visit from the Council for Temporal Studies could change everything.

A murder in the past is changing the future, and if the killing isn’t stopped, Simon Cross might never be born.

When they arrive in 1906 San Francisco, Elizabeth and Simon have no idea who wants Victor Graham dead or how it will happen. With the earthquake that leveled most of the city just days away, the race to save Graham thrusts them into a complex mystery of jealousy and revenge where murder might be the least of their worries.

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This book is free on 4/6 and 4/7.

Monique Martin


Monique was born in Houston, Texas, but her family soon moved to Southern California. She attended the University of Southern California’s Film School where she earned a BFA from the Filmic Writing department. Monique worked in television for several years before joining the family business. She now works full-time as a freelance writer and novelist. Her novels Out of Time and When the Walls Fell are the first two books in the Out of Time series.

She’s currently working on an adaptation of one of her screenplays, her father’s memoirs about his time in the Air Force’s Air Rescue Service and the third book in the Out of Time series. 


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Lacuna: Demons of the Void (Free Kindle Book)

An excellent sci-fi adventure!

In this first installment of David Adams’ best-selling LACUNA series, the world is threatened by an unknown force. No one is sure who (or what) the attackers are, or what their intent is. But when three of the world’s biggest cities are decimated, Earth prepares to fight back.

Naval Captain Melissa Liao is given charge of a massive Chinese warship. She is tasked with finding the attackers – and avenging the deaths of the 50 million humans killed.

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This book is free on 4/5.

David Adams

David Adams is a full-time writer, software engineer and Star Trek superfan. He is the author of the seven-part Lacuna fantasy series.

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