Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath)

The take on the mermaid myth is very interesting, and has a bit of a sci-fi spin on it.

Deep under Arctic waters lies an ice kingdom carved into a glacier. Those who dwell within it possess magnificent biological secrets. Due to the dangers of impending war, the Princess of Adlivun is forced to flee her undersea utopia and regroup with her sisters in Alaska.

Captain Trevain Murphy is a successful king crab fisherman who has spent his life building his empire above the sea, and knows nothing of the empire beneath it. When he meets a mysterious woman in a strip club, he extends kindness towards her, unaware of her unique genetics and royal lineage

Trevain’s attraction to the enigmatic Aazuria Vellamo will involve him in dangerous designs that will forever change his life, and his perspective on himself and his world. He embarks on perilous journeys in which he will need to release all of his insecurities and inhibitions in order to survive.


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Nadia Scrieva


Nadia Scrieva is a 22 year old student at the University of Toronto, studying English and Anthropology. She has been modeling since she was 18 years old, and has danced and acted in music videos as well as participated in promotional modeling.



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Three Contemporary Fiction – Free Kindle Books

Want some books set in the now? These three should do it for ya, wether you want a modern retelling of Phantom of the Opera, a sweet romance, or a wild adventure. They’re all free on Kindle!

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Zombie Candy – Free Kindle Book

A bizzarely brilliant multi-genre rollercoaster of a tale!

You know early on, from the color of the inappropriate bra in the opening scene, that Zombie Candy is going to be a black comedy. Most people could sympathize with the male obsession for sex and zombie movies, but who would put up with a husband who doused every dish with cilantro? 

Frederick Lee Brooke serves up another literary treat with this bizarre and comical tale of love and betrayal. Candace Roach enlists her best friend Annie Ogden (our favorite sleuth from Doing Max Vinyl) to find out what her husband is really up to on his weekly business trips – but their home-cooked aversion therapy gets out of hand and hurtles along an astonishing highway of the undead.

Home from Iraq but unsure about her future, Annie Ogden isn’t your typical woman sleuth. Her best friend, Candace Roach – gourmet cooking instructor, owner of a house in Tuscany – isn’t your typical wronged woman either. Candace teaches gourmet cooking, and loves nothing more than orchestrating a four-course meal full of flavorful surprises and artistic touches. A selection of her recipes is found in an appendix to the book.

But with each shocking discovery in the investigation of her husband, the friendship between Candace and Annie is further put to the test. Candace ultimately takes matters into her own hands and, in an elaborate ruse, stages a nightmarish zombie drama in which her husband plays the starring role. 

Weaving elements of mystery, horror and romance in a story that starts in Chicago and ends in a quaint medieval town in sun-drenched Tuscany, Zombie Candy transcends any single genre. Embark on a journey that will tickle your taste buds and wake up your funny bone. What are you waiting for?

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Frederick Lee Brooke


Frederick Lee Brooke has worked as an English teacher, language school manager and small business owner and has travelled extensively in Italy, the setting of part of Zombie Candy.

Born and raised in the Chicago area, Frederick Lee Brooke attended Amherst College and studied creative writing at the University of Montana, Missoula, where he received his M.F.A. He has lived in France, Germany and Switzerland, and currently divides his time between Europe, where he lives with his family, and Chicago.

Also check out DOING MAX VINYL, Frederick Lee Brooke’s first novel.

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Three Romances – Free Kindle Books

Summer weekends should be all about romance- get your fill with these three free Kindle books!

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‘Catch Me A Catch’ and ‘A Path Less Traveled’ are free 6/23-6/24. ‘The Secret Cove’ is free on 6/23.

Two Romances – Free Kindle Books

Here’s a contemporary and a medieval romance- both should make you fall in love! They’re FREE on Kindle!

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‘The Possibilities of Amy’ is free 6/22-6/24 and ‘A Knight’s Temptation’ is free 6/22-6/23.

Bubblin’ Brown Sugar – Free Kindle Book

These little snippets inspired by love are a perfect escape on a busy day

A beautiful collection of original short stories and poetry about love, relationships, betrayal, and passion.

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Kimberly T. Mattews

Kimberly T. Matthews-Hooker is a 13-times published novelist and literary professional. Her debut novel, Promise You Won’t Tell Nobody, is listed as recommended reading by Love our Children USA, the leading national nonprofit and prevention organization fighting all forms of violence and neglect against children in the US.

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