Two Romances – Free Kindle Books

Here’s a contemporary and a medieval romance- both should make you fall in love! They’re FREE on Kindle!

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‘The Possibilities of Amy’ is free 6/22-6/24 and ‘A Knight’s Temptation’ is free 6/22-6/23.

Bubblin’ Brown Sugar – Free Kindle Book

These little snippets inspired by love are a perfect escape on a busy day

A beautiful collection of original short stories and poetry about love, relationships, betrayal, and passion.

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This book is free 6/17-6/18.

Kimberly T. Mattews

Kimberly T. Matthews-Hooker is a 13-times published novelist and literary professional. Her debut novel, Promise You Won’t Tell Nobody, is listed as recommended reading by Love our Children USA, the leading national nonprofit and prevention organization fighting all forms of violence and neglect against children in the US.

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Romance for Ghosts – Free Kindle Books

Do ghosts fall in love? These two paranormal romance authors think so! Both of their books are free on Kindle.

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These books are free 6/16-6/17.

Three Romance Novels – Free Kindle Books

Like cowboys, short stories, Harlequin romances, or fantasy? You’re sure to find something you love in one of these four romance books- free on Kindle! 

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‘Texas Roads’ and ‘Physical Attraction’ are free on 6/13, but ‘The Other Realm’is free 6/13-6/14

Two Romantic Fantasies – Free Kindle Books

The demons, magic, and romance in these fantasies will steal your heart- if you let them. They’re perfect for a Twilight fan, and both are free on Kindle!

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‘Heart of the Demon Slayer’ is free on 6/11, and ‘Lovers and Beloveds’ is free 6/11-6/13.

Full Circle – Free Kindle Book

Fast paced chick lit- the best kind!

When her boyfriend Jeffrey announces he’s marrying another woman, Bella decides it’s time for a change. Jilted and pregnant, Bella uproots her life and moves to California. 

She finds success with a new business venture and partner. She’s got it all – except love.  

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This book is free 6/8-6/11.

Mona Ingram

Canadian author Mona Ingram has always been an avid reader. She loves spending time outdoors, bird watching.

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