Underdog – Free Kindle book

A driving, graphic narrative that somehow finds the humanity in this most inhuman setting

In this electrifying memoir, author Glenn Langohr takes readers inside the California Prison System. Langohr recalls his own time in that prison system with raw honesty. 

Langohr details the violent power struggles that occur between the members of various gangs and drug cartels, complete with explosive riots that carry dire consequences. He also recounts the lengths prisoners take to defy the merciless guards, who at times are indistinguishable from the murderous inmates.

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Glenn Langohr 

Glenn Langohr lives in southern California where he spends his time doing what he loves best, reading and writing. He began writing whle in prison for drug charges and hasn’t stopped since. Glenn is an active member of his church and volunteers with prisoners to help them turn their lives around. Glenn is married to his dream girl, Sanette, who plays Annette in one of his novels.

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The Beholder – Free Kindle Book

 It’s gritty with a dry wit and a great feel for dialogue and pacing.

Detective Maddie Richards is one of the top investigators in the country. In fact, she’s so good at her job that she’s been put in charge of the hunt for a serial killer who’s been murdering the beautiful young women of Phoenix, Arizona. 

Maddie’s hot on the trail, but she has to move fast – she might just be the killer’s next victim.

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David Bishop

David Bishop is the author of several mystery novels that have topped Amazon’s Best Seller charts. The Washington, D.C., native is the proud father of two and a big golf lover.

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Alex Siegel’s Supernatural Thrillers – Free Kindle Books

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Alex Siegel


Alex Siegel is a software developer who lives and works near Chicago, Illinois. He has a wife and three ten year old boys (yes, triplets). Writing is his passion.

APOCALYPSE CULT, CARNIVAL OF MAYHEM, PSYCHOLOGICAL DAMAGE, INVOLUNTARY CONTROL, and DEADLY WEAKNESS are the first five books in the Gray Spear Society series. They are thrillers set in the Chicago area in the present day. The plot unfolds rapidly and the action is fast-paced. It is fiction for adults who like dark roller coaster rides. A supernatural twist makes these stories unlike anything you have ever read before.


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Four Action-Packed Thrillers – Free Kindle Books

Confront a malicious computer virus, journey with wounded soldiers, adventure with an assassin, or solve an Australian mystery with these four action packed thrillers, free on Kindle!

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‘The Pattern’, ‘Wounded Warriors’, and ‘Night of the Assassin’ are free 7/3-7/5. ‘Hot Rock Dreaming’ is free 7/3-7/4.

Four Free Thrillers – Free Kindle Books

These four thrillers will take you in every direction. Fight in the US drug war, or in an ancient battle of angels on Earth. Jump into a spy thriller, or a story of murder and revenge. All of these adventures are FREE on Kindle!  

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‘Upon Release From Prison’, ‘Rapture Falls’, and ‘Prophets And Loss’ are free 6/29-6/30. ‘The Alladin Network’ is free on 6/29.

The Blood Upon the Rose – Free Kindle Book

 Recommended for all who enjoy historical novels and to all who want to understand a little more about the Irish!

Catherine O’Connell-Gort is the beautiful, headstrong and wealthy heiress. She is in love with Sean, a member of the IRA fighting to shake off British rule. 

Unfortunately, Catherine’s father happens to be a high-ranking officer in the British military, intent on defeating the violent uprisings of the Irish.  

Caught between the two worlds, Catherine must navigate the murky waters of passion and loyalty in order to decide her own destiny.

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Tim Vicary

Tim Vicary is a university professor and award-winning author. He has published several crime novels in addition to historical fiction and children’s books.

Tim lives in the English countryside and loves spending time outdoors. A new grandfather, Tim has recently developed an interest in dinosaurs.

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