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How to Stop Fighting YOU …and lose that weight : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: Check out this book on how to keep your resolutions–all of them–permanently! 

It hits the target!

Book Description: With many of us being overweight, we are looking for a new way to get rid of and keep off those unwanted pounds. Many books and fad diets dont address the real issue – you! Permanent change begins from the inside. 

Author’s Inspiration:  After some decades on this planet, I know very well the awful feelings of my own failed resolutions. I also know the pain of watching my mother’s bitter failures with her weight. I think what hurt her most was that terrible cycle, beginning with the excitement of having found the next miracle (diet, program or machine); but way too soon, the newness began to wear off, and she had to push herself to keep going; and then push herself harder and harder still—until that final rebellious dive into the pain of defeat (read quitting again). Though Mom hid it well, it was difficult to watch her self-anger, self-disgust and the overall depression of her failure—over and over again. That struggle with food has to be one of the MOST CHALLENGING OF HUMAN PROBLEMS. Although my Mother has passed, I write this for her, a woman in pain, and for us, who are striving to change—whatever the resolution. Despite being knocked down, even counted out by those around you, YOU keep getting up and pushing your way back into the fray. I know this because here you are.


Of the two schools of thought, the most popular one is “Just do it!” Those that trumpet this approach use phrases like Take control! And All you have to do is…, and You can do it if you will just (believe, persist or follow this plan). They also use hackneyed phrases like Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps, and Mind over matter, and You’re the one that has the will power, use it! And in the beginning, this method seems to work…


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Daniel Speraw


I am a writer who began with a column in the San Jose Mercury News, nationally syndicated. Published to date is the 4-Book-Series An Entertaining Treasure of Life’s Simplest Solutions. Stop Fighting YOU is my newest.

So from the central coast of the west, I submit these curious jottings of curiosity to be browsed by those who will hopefully find them as helpful as they hope.



50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew: The Best Quick And Easy Ways To Increase Motivation, Lose Weight, Get In Shape, And Stay Healthy : Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: This book will provide cutting edge health hacks to reprogram your body and mind.  

Its a goldmind of fitness tips and facinating new ideas!

Book Description: 50 Fitness Tips You Wish You Knew is collection of the best tips and strategies developed from over nine years of research and experimentation for hacking the mind and body for more motivation, better health, and a leaner body – which can be done without needing a lot of time, money, or willpower. 


Author’s Inspiration:  With all the unique tricks and insights I’ve discovered over 9 years of research, I wish I could have gone back and given myself one simple book with everything all laid out for me. I decided to write the book with the best of the best health, fitness, and motivation tips I’ve discovered through the years.

From the Book: Everything you do, healthy or not, stems from the fact that psychologically it is meeting one of your six human needs.  Those needs are certainty/security, variety/excitement, love/connection, significance/control, growth, and contribution.  Meet these needs and feel pleasure.  Don’t meet them and feel pain.  The reason why it’s hard for people to give up their favorite foods and old habits is because those habits meet one or more of those six human needs.  That means if you want to get more motivated to do something else like eat healthier and exercise, you’ll need to mentally connect the dots of how those new behaviors (and the outcomes like a more fit body) will also satisfy those emotional needs to an equal or greater extent. 

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Derek Doepker


I’m passionate about sharing the insights that have had the most profound impact in my own life. The life changing lessons from psychology or herbal medicine combined with the tips I’ve picked up for the world’s most elite personal trainers make for a very eclectic body of knowledge. I realized that the simplest way to help the most amount of people would be to start writing and sharing my knowledge.

What is your favorite food, place to write, music to listen to, TV show?: As a guitar player, I love rock music. But I’m also a big fan of dance music. When I take breaks during my writing, I usually put on headphones and dance for 5 minutes to keep my body and mind energized.


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How to Lose 10 Pounds in a Week (Free Kindle Book

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