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Up Your Cash Flow and Drop a Pant Size With These Tips

BAGGY PANTS WEIGHT LOSS SYSTEM by Brian Dunn: Lose weight effectively and naturally with real-world advice and excellent nutritional approaches.

BUILDING A FINANCIAL FORTRESS by Nick Reichart: Learn the best way to identify, purchase, own, and sell investment real estate property, allowing you to grow your wealth and cash flow!

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Thou Shalt Not Diet: Free Kindle Guide to Healthy Living

Editor’s Note: You’ll quickly find that THOU SHALT NOT DIET isn’t just another diet book, but rather a guide to healthier living! 

Book Description: THOU SHALT NOT DIET helps you focus on the key behavioral changes that have a major influence in our lives. Some of the changes include active exercise, healthy eating, and a tobacco-free life. By altering how we currently behave, we can positively impact our health. Although simple and clear, everything in the book is backed by science and sound explanation. You will come away astonished and challenged- and healthier than ever! 

Author’s Inspiration:  Every health professional who deals with health promotion knows that one of the most difficult challenges of the job is persuading clients to make behavioral changes. This challenge is, in fact, the essence of my work. I hope that through this book I will inspire and help people.

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Leah is a health promoter and a registered nurse, who has been giving private instruction to both healthy and sick people for the past twenty years. Her main areas of expertise are: cardiac patient rehabilitation, Type 2 diabetes, and all the risk factors for cardiovascular diseases.

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Kick Your Fat In The Nuts : Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: KICK YOUR FAT IN THE NUTS is a comical view of how the human body truly works.

It is one of those books that is even worth reading a second time as a refresher. 

Book Description: There is no diet that is right for every person because we all process foods differently. By looking at your own physiology with simple tests you can run at home, you can gain an understanding of what nutritional changes could help you lose the weight you want to lose.

Author’s Inspiration: I wrote this book to remedy the huge amount of misinformation that is available to the public in regards to weight loss.

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On Valentine’s Day, 2004, Tony lost his voice and it never came back. After twenty-three doctors couldn’t figure out the problem, Tony decided it was time to dig for his own answers. Eight years later, not only did Tony figure out his own issues, he also happened upon hidden information about how to improve countless other health problems. Tony is on the executive board of the Coalition For Health Education, a nonprofit association that helps professionals and their clients learn about health through nutrition.


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Yoga, The Back Pain Cure: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note:  Relieve and prevent your back pain today with YOGA, THE BACK PAIN CURE. 

This book lays it all out and the pictures throughout make it super easy to follow.

Book Description: Do you suffer from back pain? 80% of adults will at some point in their lives. Sadly most treatment programs consist of drugs which only mask the symptoms, physical therapy which is limited by insurance, and the very expensive and not always successful option of surgery. The good news is that yoga therapy can help relieve your pain while at the same time improve flexibility and strength in your back. All done in the comfort of your own home. Developed by a highly experience yoga teacher and chiropractor, the back care program in this book has proven to be effective 93% of the time for people who have back problems. 

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Howard VanEs, M.A., E-RYT 500 has been committed to wellness and fitness for over 28 years. He has a deep passion for helping people learn about the many ways they can improve the quality of their health and lives through mind/body methods. For over 23 years, Howard has been a dedicated practitioner of hatha yoga and has been teaching yoga for the last 18 years in the Bay area of California. Howard has written many yoga related books, as well as numerous others focused on health and wellness. For over 36 years

Dr. Richard Harvey, D. C., C.C.S.P has been helping people heal through Chiropractic and other natural methods. He possesses an exquisite knowledge of the human body, how it functions, and what it takes to get and keep people healthy. He is certified in sports medicine and has worked with many high level athletes including Olympians, professional and college athletes as well as with many local sports teams, both as a coach and as well as providing ongoing care to team members.


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The Night Shift Diet: Free Kindle eBook

Editor’s Note: Don’t miss one of the first diet books tailored specifically for late-night workers in THE NIGHT SHIFT DIET! 

Book Description: The book is essentially a diet guide intended for night shift workers. I created my own diet as I was fed up of diets that didn’t work for me and weren’t tailored to my nightshift work. It’s a simple, easy to follow book that tracks my dieting journey.

Author’s Inspiration: I was sick and tired of yo-yoing from one diet to the next. It seemed that every diet I went on wasn’t suited to my lifestyle so I eventually decided to do some research and create a diet specifically designed for night shift workers. When I lost 54 lbs in 60 days and helped other lose weight, it was suggested I write a book to help others in a similar position. So that’s what inspired me to write it.

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Not so long ago I was morbidly obese, unhappy and living a sedentary lifestyle. It was only on a night out, when I got deeply embarrassed by a bet that enough was enough. I decided that after years of yo-yo dieting that it was time to create my own diet specifically tailored for the night shift. So after months of research, I created my own diet. I was apprehensive at first but I stuck to it and was pleasantly surprised when I lost 54 lbs in 60 days. Since then I have managed to keep the weight off and helped other do the same too. In fact it was one of my work colleagues that told me to write a book on my experiences. So that is what spurred me on to write the book. I want to help as many people as I can not only lose weight, but keep it off too.

Check out The Night Shift Diet website

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Veggies Not Included: Free Weight-Loss Memoir on Kindle

Editor’s Note: VEGGIES NOT INCLUDED is a humorous, down-to-earth weight loss memoir.

Book Description: Christine Leo lost 130 pounds following a wakeup call that involved a gyno trip from hell. Instead of following the diet paths most frequently traveled, she lost 7 pant sizes by counting the calories in her favorite types of fast food. Readers looking for a down-to-earth weight loss perspective and a glimpse of the life after the new body euphoria has worn off will appreciate Veggies Not Included.


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You know those people at birthday parties that scrape the frosting off of their cake and say, “Oh, that’s way too much for me.” Well, I’m the person that says, “You gonna eat that?” So what the heck does this have to do anything? (1) I’m honest to a fault and (2) when I’m passionate about something, I go overboard. Writing is my greatest passion, so when I discovered that an overseas’ weight loss company stole my before-and-after photos to sell their diet pills, I decided to fight back by putting the real story into my own words. The end result is something that I hope will both entertain and encourage readers, whether they are looking to lose a few pounds or a few hundred pounds.

Visit Christine’s website!

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Under 160 Calories-Healthy Dessert Recipes: Free Diet Cookbook on Kindle

Editor’s Note: Under 160 Calories-Healthy Dessert Recipes. Naturally, Delicious Desserts

Book Description: This desserts cookbook is designed for people who want to treat themselves from time to time to delicious, low fat dessert without gaining a pound. All the healthy dessert recipes are as sweet as regular cakes and use only natural ingredients such as sugar with no artificial sweeteners or other synthetic products.


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R.Federbush is author of the international bestseller cookbook: Under 160 Calories. She is a journalist, covering health and nutrition issues for the last 22 years, food writer and a blogger. Her passion for baking start from her own personal problem – she loves to eat sweets but want to stay healthy and fit. For the last 20 years, she develops healthy low calorie recipes. She is married and has two daughters.

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The Mediterranean Diet: Free Diet Success Guide on Kindle

Editor’s Note: Your One Stop Shop For Mediterranean Diet Success.

Book Description: This book is a fun read with unique break/lunch/dinner and even snack recipes! It’s beginner friendly, so you won’t need too, too many ingredients to prepare most of the included dishes. After reading, you will know if this particular diet plan is for you, but the Mediterranean diet is really a fun diet that any person who is motivated to lose weight can enjoy.

Author’s Inspiration: The Mediterranean diet is a very popular diet, so I did my due diligence in researching and I liked the history and the concept of this particular diet. I’ve always tried some of the dishes myself and they are delicious!

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A lively young woman who wants to see the world in a better place physically and emotionally. I’ve helped friends and family reach their goals with weight loss, and I also give free relationship advice!

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Obamacare For Smarties: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: OBAMACARE FOR SMARTIES is a comprehensive guide to Obamacare, health insurance and American healthcare.

Book Description: Obamacare For Smarties is an in-depth look at not just Obamacare, but health insurance and healthcare in America. From selecting a health plan to dealing with insurance companies to navigating a broken healthcare system, this timely eBook is a comprehensive guide to American healthcare – warts and all. A bonus eBook – MedSmarts – further exposes healthcare pitfalls both the newly-insured and the long-insured to be cautious medical consumers given the rampant financial and physical pitfalls in American healthcare.

Author’s Inspiration: Confusion and misinformation driven by political agendas without practical guidance, for those not interested in the politics of Obamacare.

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John Lynch has an extensive background in healthcare planning, management, entrepreneurship and community advocacy. He transitioned to writing about healthcare because of his disillusionment with America’s deteriorating medical ethics and the toll this is taking on the finances and safety of patients and consumers.


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Juicing for Beginners: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s note: JUICING FOR BEGINNERS is simple, to the point, and very informative. It is a must have book for those interested in juicing. 

 The recipes are excellent, very tasty, and very nutritional. 

Book Description: A complete guide on juicing for beginners. It includes tips on how to buy the best juicer, what fruits and vegetables are the best for juicing, and over 100 recipes. 

Author’s Inspiration:  I’ve seen many individuals struggling to get started with juicing. And it makes me sad to know that many of them actually give up even before they start, simply because they don’t know where to start and the amazing benefits juicing can bring them. This and my love for healthy juices inspired me to write this amazing book.

Get this Kindle book Free 3/5- 3/6


I love taking care of my healthy through natural methods, and juicing is one of the best way I discovered that is not just easy and delicious, but it can generate amazing results in a very short time.

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