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Bloodlust: Free Kindle Thriller

Editor’s Note: In BLOODLUST, a head injury turns a brain surgeon into a serial killer. 

Book Description: Brain surgeon Alex Dien is shot in the head and slips into a coma. He awakens a blood-thirsty monster with voices in his head prompting him to stab, drown, and strangle. Soon, the bodies begin to pile up and the FBI gets involved. In the end, Alex must choose to listen to the voices in his head, or save his wife and daughter–from himself.

Author’s Inspiration: Have you heard of Phineas Gage? Railroad construction foreman in the 1800s. Nice guy, well-liked by his employers. Had an iron rod go through his head in a rock blasting accident. Unfortunately, he lived. Phineas Gage, however, did not. Only his body remained. His mind was gone. He started gambling, harassing women, and was prone to violent outbursts.

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John R. Lindensmith is a writer from Fargo, North Dakota. He was born in Kagoshima, Japan, where his parents served as missionaries. In high school, he self-published and promoted a psychological thriller titled Mystery Man. He is also the author of Hell, Revenge of the Fast Food Mascots, and Pete.


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Coke Air: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: You’ll get cocaine, money, power and influence in this Chesapeake Crime Confidential. 

Book Description: Cocaine, cops and crime are the backdrop for this husband and wife duo, she a cop and him a newspaper reporter as they attempt to capture the bad guys and the next day’s news –which never turns out like they expect.

Author’s Inspiration: Cops and drug dealers who in real life mingle with those with their hand on power. I have known them all.

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 Ken Rossignol

Rossignol uses his experience in covering cops and drugs to dig into true crime stories and also thrives on writing about maritime history. His series of cruise thrillers combines both fields. Rossignol publishes a nationwide presentation on impaired driving,DWIHitParade.com and a regional news site, The Chesapeake Today which is in print monthly and online always.

Author Website: http://www.the-chesapeake.com/

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Agent of Influence: FREE Kindle Thriller

Editor’s Note: In AGENT OF INFLUENCE, a CIA operative uncovers the deadly truth of the President-Elect.

“I would recommend this book to any person who loves the action packed thrillers.”

Book Description: From the end of WWII a secret organization has worked to infiltrate itself into the U.S. After 50 years one of their members finally has reached the top of the political food chain in the U.S. CIA officer Anna Starks embarks on a secret investigation to delve into the politicians background to find out if he really is a danger. The story takes her through Las Vegas, Cairo, Louisville, and Washington DC as she unravels the politicians past to reveal the deadly plot lurking beneath.

Author’s Inspiration: I have a fascination with history and foreign affairs. My interest in World War II and the “war on terror” merged to create what I think are a unique group of protagonists and antagonists.

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I consume a large amount of history books, and I love to travel, and have a strong interest in politics and current affairs. These passions converged with Agent of Influence. I originally started the book in 2001 and did not get it published until 2009. (It was a steep learning curve but I am getting better.) If you like a fast-paced thriller with plenty of true historical information weaved into the back story this is for you.

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First Wave: Free Kindle Book

Editor’s Note: survival, evasion, and fighting tactics meet in a post-apocalyptic setting in FIRST WAVE.

Book description: Set in Arizona, this action-packed story follows former special-forces veteran Travis Combs as he and his river party finish a 22-day trip in the Grand Canyon, only to emerge into a world ravaged by a pandemic. Now they must travel cross-country while living off the land, evading bloodthirsty mutants, and a rogue government agency bent on uncovering their whereabouts.

Author’s inspiration: I’ve always enjoyed character-driven books and TV shows that have strong male and female leads, and which take place in rugged landscapes. I’ve incorporated my backcountry experiences, teaching in the Southwest into my writings, and the settings in this book are all actual wilderness regions with their own set of survival rules and seasonal demands.

Get FIRST WAVE for free on Kindle 3/14 – 3/15.


JT Sawyer

JT Sawyer is my pen name. I make my living as a survival instructor teaching courses for the military special operations community and federal agencies throughout the U.S. In this story, the first in a series of new post-apocalyptic books, I’ve combined the elements of bushcraft, mantracking, and leadership into a pandemic-ravaged setting in the desert Southwest. Much of this material was gleaned from the past twenty-five years of teaching fieldcourses in the wilderness, along with lingo and information picked up from military personnel. I am also the author of seven non-fiction titles on survival under my own name.


Panic: Free Kindle Thriller

Editor’s Note: Alex Cross meets Sherlock Holmes in PANIC – and neither can agree on anything.

The storyline was interesting and compelling. I didn’t want it to end. 

Book Description: When three politicians are killed within weeks, Leopold Blake, an expert criminology consultant for the FBI, is the only one who can get to the bottom of it. But with enemies at all sides, is Leopold over his head this time? 

Readers who love Lee Child, James Patterson, and Cheryl Bradshaw will love PANIC. 


Nick Stephenson is a recovering lawyer, and now a bestselling author. The Leopold Blake series have featured heavily in the Amazon Top 100 Crime Thrillers, and many people are wondering where Stephenson gets his ideas. The prevailing theory is that the stories are actually non-fiction, but everybody is too scared to ask him. You have been warned.


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Manic Monday: Free Mystery Thriller on Kindle

Editor’s Note: Move over Jason Bourne! Jake Monday is in town.

Book Description: Jake Monday hates being an assassin. He cannot for the life of him figure out why. Assassins get all the great perks: women, cars, money, and travel. So, why is he dissatisfied? More importantly, why is he compelled to protect the woman he has been assigned to kill? Jake discovers the truth is more complicated than he ever imagined. And more deadly.

Author’s Inspiration: I originally wrote the character of Jake Monday in a short story. I wondered what it would be like if an assassin turned out to be more than he could remember. He had a past that was very different from his present situation. I was influenced by Robert Ludlum, Ian Fleming, John LeCarre, and Ken Follet. I wrote Manic Monday as a prequel to that original short story, incorporated the short into Book 2 (A Month of Mondays), and am releasing Book 4 (Rainy Days and Mondays) this week. The Monday Chronicles will be 7 total books (one for each day of the week).

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Robert Michael is a family man. He enjoys watching sports, reading books, playing video games, and spending time with his family. Robert has three adult children and a teen still at home with him in Broken Arrow. He and his wife, Tracey have been married for over two decades. 

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Free Mystery eBooks for Kindle

Editor’s Note: From romantic suspense to psychological thrillers, these suspenseful reads are sure to get your heart racing! 

Click on the covers to get the Kindle Books. 


FINDING SARAH and FLINDER’S FIELD are free Kindle Books on 3/11. 

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