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The Reborn: Free Kindle Book

Thrilling and thought-provoking first part of a great series!

Good-guy Trevor Leighton was just trying to help. But what started as a good deed quickly turns into a dangerous fight to uncover the most advanced technology ever created – and prevent it from destroying the world. 

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This book is free 9/17.

Ray Mazza

Ray Mazza is a graduate of Colby College and has a Master of Entertainment Technology degree from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a Creative Director and Lead Designer of many hit video games, and lives in California with his wonderful wife, Laura.

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The Edge of Trust – Free Kindle Book

The author has combined an action thriller that will take your breath away with the suspense of a romantic love story!

For three years, dedicated covert agent and former SEAL commander Dillon Caldwell worked undercover as security adviser for drug czar Rafael Sanchez, head of the Sanchez Brothers Cartel. But someone deliberately blew Dillon’s cover, and his family paid the brutal price. Dillon’s wife, sister and parents—all killed in cold blood. Now a vengeance wilder than the jungles of Colombia drives Dillon to hunt Sanchez down and dispense some personal, one-on-one instruction in all the ways a man can be made to suffer.

But someone who knows about Dillon and his black ops mission continues to undermine him and he’s determined to find the leak, no matter the cost—he is, after all, a man with nothing left to lose. Then Dillon’s “risk everything for the sake of retribution” attitude is shaken when he makes the mind-blowing discovery that his wife is alive. Somehow she survived the explosion the FBI claimed had killed her. Except—she doesn’t want anything to do with him. It’s bad enough that for over a year she kept her survival a secret. But even worse, she has something the SBC wants—something the cartel is willing to kill for. Has Dillon rediscovered the wife he loved more than life itself, only to lose her all over again?

Sara Caldwell doesn’t know this man who used to be her husband. Before the explosion, before the FBI persuaded her to go into hiding, her marriage had already begun to unravel. Dillon had grown much too close to his target’s wife and daughter—the photos Sara received from an anonymous source had made that perfectly clear. But she’d never meant to make him suffer—the FBI had assured her they’d told Dillon she was alive. But they hadn’t, which explained why he’d never tried to contact her. Not that it matters. With Dillon, the mission will always come first, and Sara has finally accepted she deserves more than that. And wasn’t it Dillon’s obsession with annihilating the SBC that jeopardized her life—and their future—in the first place?

Still, he deserves to know her secrets. All of them. Even the ones that will make him hate her forever, because too many precious lives are at stake. But with the bloodthirsty SBC stalking them, will Sara ever get the chance to let Dillon exactly how much he’s risking?

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KT Bryan

Author KT Bryan is a writer, wife and mom. She likes antiques, art, wine, traveling and spoiling her family’s rescue pets.

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City of the Falling Sky: Free Kindle eBook

I found myself turning to Seckry everytime I could not sleep or had a spare moment.

Life in Skyfall City is so full of excitement and possibilities that Seckry Severstars has almost let go of his anger towards the Endrin Corporation, the company that forced him to move there in the first place. Almost.

It all comes rushing back to him when an anonymous email offers Seckry a fantastic reward to steal some worms from Endrin. Eager to take revenge on the greedy company, Seckry agrees.

But when Seckry breaks into Endrin, he discovers something for more sinister than a bunch of worms. 

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This book is free 9/13.

Joseph Evans

As a child in Cardiff, South Wales, Joseph Evans loved drawing and playing video games. After discovering science fiction and fantasy novels, Joseph quickly became an avid reader (and huge Harry Potter fan.)

In addition to writing, Joseph works at a bookstore in Cardiff. He continues to love drawing, playing video games and reading science fiction.

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Dark Matter Heart – Free Kindle, Nook, and Apple eBook

Perfect for fans of Young Adult Vampire fiction!

Cordell Griffin and his mother had hoped for a fresh start. They moved to from sunny California to the rainy Pacific Northwest to help ease his sun allergy. 

But Cordell can’t escape the dark secrets of his past. A series of murders in his new town ruin Cordell’s attempts to fly under the radar. 

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Nathan Wrann

Nathan Wrann is the author of the ‘Cor Griffin Bloodsuckers’ young-adult series. He has also produced and directed several independent films. Nathan lives in Connecticut with his wife and pets.

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