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Ghosts of Royston: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Notes: GHOSTS OF ROYSTON is a horrifying but heartwarming thriller about the aftermath of a violent car crash. 

This is the type of book that when you have to put it down, it doesn’t leave your mind


Book Description: After a devastating car crash into a mountain lake, a man begins a dangerous and bewildering quest to unlock the potential truth of the fate of the two loves of his life – at the risk of losing his own…while a teenage girl fights to escape a strange mountain family who claims she is one of their own. Both must overcome incessant hurdles and trust in signs they don’t understand to salvage their family and to merely survive.

Author’s Inspiration: Since I was a kid, I’ve vacationed on Lake Norris in eastern Tennessee was always fascinated with the history of how the valley was flooded, including homes, farms, and an entire town, to create the lake that is now a vacationers’ haven. It struck me as a great backdrop for a novel and great place to tell the story of a father never giving up on his family and a teenager learning to deal with very adult dangers. I wanted to tell of story of very real, devoted, flawed characters thrown into a horrifying and very potentially real situation.

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While making the bi-monthly commute to Nashville, I listened to dozens of audiobooks…which led to me becoming an award-winning narrator myself…which led to the notion of writing a novel myself…which led to Ghosts of Royston!  I love books with real characters in situations that test their resolve, toughness, and devotion to one another, so that’s the novel I tried to write. If you believe in love, fighting to protect those you love, trusting your instincts and the signs around you, even if you don’t understand them, and never giving up…I believe you’ll really love this novel.


Free Technothriller for Kindle

Editor’s Note: Mind Trace is an action packed techno thriller about a young woman who possesses genius level hacking skills. She manages to both acquire super-human powers and get ensnared in an illegal plot in a single afternoon. Follow her as she goes on the run and tries to figure out what happened to her. 

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Deadly Election (Asian Intrigue): Free for Kindle

Editor’s Notes: DEADLY ELECTION, a fast paced crime thriller set in Asia, is filled with drama as Arthur Crandon exposes us to political intrigue and corruption.  

The characters jump off the page. You feel like you know them and are in each of the locations.

Book Description:  After the violent Japanese occupation was over, their only positive legacy was hidden caches of gold and riches buried around the beautiful Philippine island of Luzon. The discovery of a treasure hoard by some young lads start a chain reaction of murder, greed, blackmail, sex and intrigue. The corrupt senator will stop at nothing to become President – if he survives…

Author’s Inspiration:  My experiences of living for 10 years in Asia have given me the ideas for this series. South East Asia is a different world, where weird, exciting, and frequently dangerous things can, and often do happen. The events in ‘Deadly Election’ are fictional – but they could easily have happened…

 DEADLY ELECTION is FREE for Kindle September 13-17


Arthur Crandon currently lives in Hong Kong and is a recovering Lawyer – he still attends meetings of Lawyers Anonymous. After retiring from his own Law firm in the UK he relocated to the Philippines, where his life really began. He reveals some of his unique life experiences in this, his first book of the ‘Asian Intrigue’ Series and a second is on its way. Arthur has wanted to write books for many years, but has only recently found the time. 



The Citizen: Free for Kindle

Editor’s Note: THE CITIZEN is a riveting thriller drenched in conspiracy.  

Book Description:  An enigmatic email sends Julian “Mac” MacGregor running for his life, pursued by a shadowy organization called The Core. Comprised of global elitists bent on achieving a New World Order, The Core will stop at nothing to ensure their secret is not exposed to the world. Mac must find the elusive underground resistance if he is to have any chance for survival.

Author’s Inspiration:  This book was inspired by today’s headlines: the IRS and NSA scandals, gun control efforts, and the overall political climate.

From the Book:   I go back to the truck as they start their vehicle and turn around. By the time I sit back behind the wheel, there is no evidence that they were ever here. It’s like they were nothing more than ghosts. But that’s what this world has turned us into, I suppose. Ghosts, hiding in the shadows.

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Matt McCollum is an author and unapologetic Constitutionalist. He favors limited government and personal freedom. Ever the conspiracy theorist, he can usually be found digging through archaic websites or screaming at the nightly news on television. His hero is Davy Crockett.  


Foreign Deceit: Free For Kindle

Editor’s Note: A Colorado cop goes to Italy to solve his brother’s murder in FOREIGN DECEIT. 

Book Description:  With a dead body found outside the Colorado mountain town of Rocky Points, an attempt on his life, and his ex-wife back in the picture, Sergeant David Wolf of the RPPD wonders if he can make it through the most important week of his career in one piece. To compound matters, Wolf gets word his brother has just committed suicide in the Alps of Italy. Suspicions of foul play and conviction of his brother’s character push him to Northern Italy, into a foreign land with strange customs, and with a more volatile and dangerous situation lurking beneath the surface than he could have possibly imagined.

Who would play your main character in the movie version of your book? Christian Bale

Author’s Inspiration: I moved with my family from Colorado to Italy for a year. I wanted to write about Colorado, to alleviate my homesickness, and I wanted to write about the experiences I was having as an American in Italy. With those two things in mind, I came up with this story of David Wolf and his dangerous adventure to Italy.

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Jeff Carson

 I’m from the front range of Colorado, living with my family in a town south of Denver. My wife is from Italy, so I’ve began the slow process of digesting the language and customs of the country. We just returned from spending a year there. In that time I feel I’ve picked up enough Italian so I can catch my wife and son making fun of me in the foreign tongue. I don’t know what they’re saying. But I can catch it. 

I’ve been a writer for years, but have switched my hat to fiction writer only in the last year and a half. I’m finding it’s the most fulfilling work I’ve ever done. Yes, even better than caddying at the golf course, or any of the other office-avoiding jobs I’ve had in the past. Ironically enough, I’ve now rented an office to write in. 

Messages and Unseen: Free Kindle Books

The characters are great, well developed, and the story is beautiful!!! 


Words are everywhere– on labels, magazines, sign posts, t-shirts– everywhere. And as much as David Chance would like to hide from them, he can’t. Words keep leaping off objects around him, forming messages in his mind. But how is this possible? Has his brain suddenly taken an evolutionary leap forward, or are the mysterious messages proof of divine intervention?


UNSEEN is an unpredictable thrill ride full of twists and turns – and tons of paranormal elements. It’s a serial killer story with ghosts. Follow Jake Paris as he solves murder and kidnapping – all the while interacting with children that only Jake can see.

John Michael Hileman 

Regarding Suspense Mystery and Supernatural Thriller author John Michael Hileman: After serving in the U.S. Army, John Michael Hileman started a small 3D animation company. From there he was hired as production director for a television station, where he oversaw the production of three semi-national television programs. In his spare time, while being a faithful husband and father, he authored his first book, VRIN: ten mortal gods, which later placed in the top four of a national writing competition. Encouraged by this, John went on to write the #1 best selling supernatural thriller MESSAGES, and his latest release UNSEEN. The rest is yet to be written.


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