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Editor’s Note: This thriller has elements of a fairy-tale style prince saving his princess story- we love it!

I highly reccomend this page-turner! You’ll be entranced by the characters’ emotions!

Book Description: A woman disappears mysteriously after a motorcycle accident. She’s the love of this Florida man’s life, so he begins a search against time to find and save her. Can he reconcile his past with his present and save himself, too?

Readers who like The Princess Bride, Taken (the movie), or Harlan Coben will like RESCUING OLIVIA.

Author’s Inspiration: The book began from a simple writing prompt in a writer’s workshop – we’d been told to write a scene about someone in possession of an item he/she was not supposed to have. With that prompt, I created my protagonist Anders. Once I came to know Anders better, his story – and also Olivia’s (of the title) – grew from my experiences volunteering as a guardian ad litem for abused and neglected children. I wanted to write a story that explored how the abuse one suffers and/or witnesses at some point in life affects the person they later become.

Actor Who Would Play the Main Character: Ryan Gosling!

From the Book: He hadn’t set an alarm. The light of dawn crept through the window and tapped him on the shoulder to announce the arrival of the new day. His eyes opened, and the gentle sound of the surf reassured him that nothing had changed overnight. He rolled over and inhaled the salty air mixed with the sweet smell of her sweat. He longed to touch her, but he didn’t. She’d had another nightmare a few hours earlier and needed her sleep. Though she claimed she never remembered them, she always seemed a bit off the next day; an unexpected touch by him would startle her, or she’d tense at overhearing a stranger speak to his female companion in the wrong tone.

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Julie Compton


Julie Compton likes to refer to herself as a recovering attorney. Before turning to writing full-time in 2003, she practiced law with private firms in her hometown of St. Louis and as a trial attorney for the U.S. Department of Justice in Delaware. Julie lives with her family and a myriad of pets near Orlando. When she’s not writing, she can be found in one of three places: at the beach, on her motorcycle, or with her nose in a book (someone else’s!).

MY FAVORITE FOOD: Anything Italian.

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