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Thriller Books, Explained

A branch off of the mystery literature tree, thrillers are fast-paced, suspenseful stories written to elicit strong emotions of suspense, excitement, surprise, anxiety, and anticipation. The best thriller books will have you on the edge of your seat in anticipation of what comes next, taking you on a wild ride of emotion, mystery, and often a protagonist facing or fleeing a problem with plenty of cliffhangers, plot twists, red herrings along the way to lead you to an exciting climax.

Top Thriller Books Book Covers

Top Thriller Books

Thrillers come in all shapes and sizes, with the following thriller subgenres catching the attention and emotions of readers for decades:

Psychological Thrillers

A psychological thriller is a suspenseful story based on the psychological state of its characters and often portrayed through their eyes. A psychological thriller will likely have an elaborate plot and an ominous, edgy, or foreboding tone.

5 Psychological Thriller Books to Give You Spook & Adventure - Cover Image

5 Psychological Thriller Books

Action Thriller

Action thrillers put physical action at the forefront of the storyline. These fast-paced storylines are loaded with fight scenes, narrowly escaping dangerous situations, and of course, plenty of suspense.

Will Love Win? Find Out In These Romantic Thriller Books Featured Image

Will Love Win? Find Out In These Romantic Thriller Books

Crime Thriller

Focused on the crime itself, a crime thriller book will likely be told through the criminal’s eyes, giving you a front-row seat to how they work to elude police and evade his own capture, all while law enforcement or antagonists work to catch them.

See All the Twists & Turns in These Crime Thriller Books - Cover Image

See All the Twists & Turns in These Crime Thriller Books

Political Thriller

Often told through the eyes of a government insider, like a low-level employee, the protagonist of a political thriller is on a mission to stop the government’s decline, whether from a group of power-hungry politicians or a sinister individual looking to cause widespread chaos or “restore order” as they see fit.

Spy Thriller

Mystery, espionage, action, and adventure. That’s what you’ll get with a spy thriller! A spy thriller story may occur in the past, present, or future, and told through the “good guys” point of view, and often victorious by the end of the story.

Legal Thriller

If jury duty is your idea of fun, then a legal thriller is for you. These courtroom-based suspense stories typically focus on the events leading up to the investigation, courtroom proceedings, and the lives of the lawyer or the client they represent.

Science Fiction Thriller

Step into a suspenseful story full of artificial intelligence, robotics, and technologically advanced weaponry in a near-distant setting with a science fiction (sci-fi) thriller. With a sci-fi thriller, you will dive deep into conspiracy theories, exploring moral dilemmas, hidden agendas, and imminent threats the protagonist must face to be victorious in the end, if that’s what the author has planned, anyway.

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